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Imam Hosain’s (AS) guiding light and loving touch: An Interview with Yvette Baldacchino

Contributed by bineshan on 18 Dec 2010 - 02:12 PM

Imam Hosain’s (AS) guiding light and loving touch:

An Interview with Yvette Baldacchino

Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Yvette Baldacchino and I also have Muslim name as well which is suraya, I took this name 12 years ago when I first became Muslim. I have been Muslim for 12 years, 6 years Sunni, and 6 years Shi’ah Alhamdolellah.

From Hajj to Ghadir

Contributed by bineshan on 04 Dec 2010 - 08:48 PM

From Hajj to Ghadir

Shaikh Tabresi in the most respected book AlEhtejaaj, vol. 1, p. 55, through a chain of noble narrators through Shaikh Toosi through other trusted narrators has narrated from Imam Mohammad Baaqer (PBUH) who has said:

The Rasool [Messenger/Apostle] of Allah intended Hajj from Medina while he had surely conveyed all the Sharaaye’ [precepts] of his people except Hajj and Welaayat [Wilayat, Allah Ordained lordship]; and Jebra’el [Gabriel] (PBUH) descended to him and told him:

Pigeons of his sacred Shrine - partII

Contributed by bineshan on 22 Nov 2010 - 08:43 PM

Pigeons of his sacred Shrine

Part 2

In another ever-glorious anniversary of Ghadir, once again we are reminded of a very special choosing by Allah, the choosing of the Successors of the very last Prophet and Rasool of Allah, the Awsiya who by the exclusive Grace of Allah, have possessed the Knowledge and Hekmat of all previous Prophets of Allah in their Allah-Expanded chests, those, most loving and benevolent to humankind after Rasool of Allah, those whose hearts have only beaten for the Pleasedness of their Lord, the one and only Allah, …. Let us continue reading together the words of one of those chosen ones, Imam Reda (PBUH), in regard to the sublime reality of the twelve Infallible Imams (PBUT); on the one hand, we are thankful to Allah (SWT)for Enshaa’Allah being blessed with their love and obedience, and on the other hand, we are sorrowful for the heart breaking fact that many have not really realized their Allah-Bestowed position, and that the last of them is still in Occultation partly perhaps because you and we too have not truly realized their status!

The real ‘Eesa -Jesus- (PBUH), or a figment of imagination called jesus?!

Contributed by bineshan on 05 Nov 2010 - 08:09 PM

The real ‘Eesa -Jesus- (PBUH), or a figment of imagination called jesus?!

Safwaan son of Yahya, one of Saaberi’s companions, has narrated that Aboo-Qarah, a companion of Jaathaliq, wanted him to take him to Imam Red(z)a (PBUH). He said that he requested permission from Imam Reda (PBUH), and the Imam said to bring him to his majlis.

Pigeons of his sacred Shrine - Part I

Contributed by bineshan on 24 Oct 2010 - 09:10 PM

Pigeons of his sacred Shrine

Part 1

In The Name of Allah, the Sender of the Prophets and the Appointer of the Successors

And with the help of the Kindest Father of this era, The Remained-One by Allah's Grace

Salaam be upon the Rescuer of the distressed,

And upon him, for whom the land of Khoraasaan became Khoraasaan.

Salaam be upon the Light of Fatimah's eye,

the Lady of the women of the worlds.

Salaam be upon the Razawi joyfulness, and the moral principles Allah is pleased with,

And upon the sprung branches of the Ahmadi Tree.

Imam Jawaad (PBUH)

(Behaar al Anwaar, 53/102)

Truth behind 'Lady of Fatima' - Part III

Contributed by bineshan on 18 Oct 2010 - 09:40 PM

Truth behind ‘Lady of Fatima’

Part 3

It is also thought provoking that although it is quite logical that some Portuguese who had embraced Islam were named Fatima after Hadrat Fatima (PBUH), but ever since the so called apparitions, it has become a popular tradition among Catholics to name their daughters “Fatima”. It makes one wonder why the very first baby who was named Fatima in Portugal after the so called apparitions, was named Fatima? On the one hand, it does not make sense to name one’s child after just the name of a village, and on the other hand, if the lady of apparition was really Mary (Maryam -PBUH-), then it would make sense to name one’s child Mary, not Fatima, considering that Fatima was the name of the daughter of a Prophet whom Catholics do not believe in! It makes one think that perhaps the Lady of apparitions had actually said things which had re-awakened the love and belief in Hadrat Fatima (PBUH) in people’s hearts, thus they named their daughters Fatima; but then as time passed, the facts regarding the alleged event got distorted but the tradition of naming girls Fatima remained as a living sign!

Truth behind ‘Lady of Fatima’ Part 2

Contributed by bineshan on 02 Oct 2010 - 09:59 AM

Truth behind ‘Lady of Fatima’

Part 2

Now let us explore other aspects of the Fatima story; in order to do that understanding sister Lucia’s background may be quite helpful:

It is important to mention that it has been said: “Private revelations do not form part of the deposit of faith of the Catholic Church and its members are not bound to believe in any of them. However, as a matter of prudence, assent would normally be expected of a Catholic based on the discernment of the Church and its judgment that an apparition is worthy of belief … The visions of Fatima were officially declared "worthy of belief" in October 1930 by the Bishop of Leiria-Fátima, on behalf of the Catholic Church.” (The Wikipedia, and from the Encyclopedia Britannica).

Truth behind “Lady of Fatima”

Contributed by bineshan on 19 Sep 2010 - 10:05 AM

Truth behind “Lady of Fatima”

Part 1

In 1917 C.E. in the town of Fatima in Portugal, three shepherd children, ten years old Lúcia Santos (born: March 22nd, 1907) and her cousins, siblings seven and almost nine years old Jacinta (born: March 11, 1910) and Francisco (born: June 11, 1908) Marto, claimed that they had a series of visions of a lady who introduced herself as the Lady of the Prayer Beads; the Christians, since the 13th century C.E., have been calling such beads, the Rosary. Lúcia described seeing a woman "brighter than the sun, shedding rays of light clearer and stronger than a crystal ball filled with the most sparkling water and pierced by the burning rays of the sun." (From the Wikipedia Encyclopedia)

A peculiar night

Contributed by bineshan on 05 Sep 2010 - 05:29 AM

A peculiar night

How much longer, should he carry the scar of loneliness?!

How much longer, should he bend over the well and shed tears of loneliness?!

This night is a peculiar night, the night of orphanhood of the entire world …

The father of all ages is going to depart from this world, and will become orphan again, the whole world …

This night in history, is going to be the night of a very lonely migration …

And finally he said, "Swear by the Lord of Ka’bah, I have been delivered and reached Salvation."

The everflow of Divine Knowledge in Ramadan

Contributed by bineshan on 28 Aug 2010 - 08:55 AM

The everflow of Divine Knowledge in Ramadan

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Surely We sent It in the Night of Qadr [Measurement, Grandeur, …].

And what makes you comprehend what the Night of Qadr is?

The Night of Qadr is more superior than a thousand months.

The angels and the Rooh [Spirit] descend therein, by the Permission of their Lord, regarding every Amr [Decree, Command, affair, …].

Salaam it is, till the rising of the dawn.

Qur’an, Surah Qadr (97)

Glad Tidings regarding the AhlulBayt in the True Enjil of 'Eesa (True Gospel of Jesus)

Contributed by bineshan on 31 Jul 2010 - 08:06 PM

Glad Tidings regarding the AhlulBayt in the True Enjil of 'Eesa (True Gospel of Jesus)

In the glorious horizon of celestial Rajab and Sha’baan, we offer a humble bouquet of love and gratitude wrapped in the blue sky of hope to he whose Appearance the entire Existence has been longing for …

The wage of the Prophetic Mission of the Last Divine Prophet (PBUH&HP)

Contributed by bineshan on 18 May 2010 - 10:25 AM

The wage of the Prophetic Mission of the Last Divine Prophet (PBUH&HP)

“… Say [O Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP)!]: No wage I ask you [the people] for it [my Mission], except the ‘Mawaddah’ [loving and following] of ‘Al-Qorba’ [The Near Kin].” (Qur’an, Surah 42: Verse 23)

Say [O Prophet!]: No wage I ask you [the people] for it [my Mission] except he who has willed to take a Path towards his Lord.” (Qur’an, Surah 25: Verse 57)

Say: That wage which I have asked you, that therefore is for yourself [for your own good]; my Reward is not but upon Allah. And He is the Witness over all things.” (Qur’an, Surah 34: Verse 47)

A sweet story

Contributed by bineshan on 13 Apr 2010 - 11:09 AM

A sweet story

I want to tell you a story which began in my childhood:

When I was a kid my toys were my friends. I used to talk with them and tell them my secrets, believing that they could really hear me. When I was upset and crying I used to grab and hold them tight so that I might forget all my sorrow. But when I got a little older, I realized that they were not hearing me! I mean they were not able to hear me. In the depth of their eyes, there was no emotion. I had lost my intimate companions.

Truth behind other so-called Christian occasions part II

Contributed by bineshan on 24 Mar 2010 - 08:56 AM

Truth behind other so-called Christian occasions

Part 2

It is so sad that in the "Christian" culture, which was supposed to have originated from the pure teachings of a Prophet of Allah, Hadrat 'Eesa -Eisa, Jesus- (PBUH), not only the pagan idea and the date of the ancient Romans' celebration of the Lupercalia, lived through the so-called Saint Valentine's day (as described in Part 1 of this writing), but the immoral circus like festival itself has also lived on as Mardi(M) - Gras(G) ("M.G.")!!! This is what happens when the teachings of the Prophets and their Allah-Chosen Successors (PBUT) are forsaken, and instead human desires under the leadership of usurpers and liars, the adherents to Shaitaans and devils, are followed … .


Contributed by bineshan on 28 Feb 2010 - 06:15 PM


To all those loving and sincere hearts who are as soft and vast as the blue sky, and nurture the beautiful and rainbowy dreams of post-Appearance in them, we wish the most blessed moments on this 17th of Rabi', the glorious birth anniversaries of the most beloved Hadrat Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and his son and sixth Successor, the beloved Ja'far son of Mohammad Baaqer, Imam Saadeq (PBUT).

Another Month of Safar departs while thought-provokingwordsregarding MARTYRDOM of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) remain …

Contributed by bineshan on 22 Feb 2010 - 12:59 PM

Another Month of Safar departs while thought-provokingwordsregarding MARTYRDOM of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) remain …

Qur'an 3:144 And Muhammad is but a messenger; surely before him, messengers have passed away; if then he DIES OR IS KILLED will you turn back upon your heels? And whoever turns back upon his heels, he will by no means do harm to Allah in the least and Allah will reward the grateful.

Truth behind other so-called Christion occasions, Part 1

Contributed by bineshan on 05 Feb 2010 - 03:21 PM

Truth behind some other so-called Christian occasions

Part 1

The month of February was the period of ancient Pagan immoral rituals, so why certain occasions which originated based on those pagan traditions have been marked as "Christian", in the Christian calendar?!

And she was taken to Karbala...

Contributed by bineshan on 23 Jan 2010 - 07:23 AM

In these days when certain people -some unaware of the lies and distortions and some quite aware- have been commemorating December 25th as the birth anniversary of the Prophet Jesus (PBUH), as a token of our humility to those sincere-hearted former Christians who have been blessed to see the Light, we wish to present a heart-touching beautiful true story regarding Lady Maryam -Mary- (PBUH) and Karbala. But first, we wish to share with you a sincere statement from a formerly christian lady; another living proof that the love of the One and Only Allah, His Everlasting Truth, and His Pure and Humble Chosen Guides (PBUT) exist in all hearts and souls, and if Fetrats (innate Divinely bestowed Recognition of Allah and His Chosen Ones …) were not buried under piles of dust and dirt of ignorance, the love of this world, sinfulness, selfishness and …, the Light of the Truth would have surely shone through:

Hopeful of the Truth, hopeless of all untruth

Contributed by bineshan on 03 Nov 2009 - 02:41 PM

Blossomed, a white Fatemi Jasmine, in the garden of Heavens;

Appeared, a ray of Mohammadi hope, in the hearts of Believers.

Salaam be upon you, O' Ali son of Moosa, A-Rreza.

Imam Reda (PBUH) has said:

What is better than patience and anticipation for Faraj [the ultimate Relief on earth, the Appearance of Mahdi, the last of Mohammad's AhlulBayt -PBUT-]?! Have you not heard the Saying of Allah -Mighty and Majestic be He-: "and watch ye! For, I too am watching with you!" [Qur'an 11:93], and "Then anticipate ye! For, I too am with you of the anticipators!" [Qur'an 7:71]? Thus upon you [I exhort earnestly] patience! For, surely Faraj shall only come upon hopelessness! Certainly those before you, have been more patient than you.

(Kamaal-O-Ddeen, vol. 2, page 645; …)

HEAVEN on earth Part 2

Contributed by bineshan on 28 Sep 2009 - 04:02 PM

HEAVEN on earth

Part 2

Then I (Haji Ali Baghdadi) asked another question from the Sayyed: I told him that in the year 1269 A.H. I had gone for the Ziyaarat of Imam Reda (PBUH); then in Darroot [approximate pronunciation of the name of a town] we met a Sharooqiyeh Arab -who were desert living Arabs in the east side of Najaf-, and we invited him to be our guest, so we asked him about the WELAAYAT of Imam Reda (PBUH), and he said that it was "HEAVEN".

HEAVEN on earth - Part 1

Contributed by bineshan on 09 Sep 2009 - 02:35 PM

HEAVEN on earth

Part 1

Yet another glorious Ramadan, with all its Heavenly grandeur and magnificence, is upon us. On this Ramadan, we wish to wrap a beautiful and gentle true story, in a soft, sky blue celestial wrapping paper with angels carrying white and gray clouds hither and thither, while the rays of the golden and brilliant Sun are shining through the clouds, and here and there, the beautiful Sun is coming out and smiling …; and our hearts would like to offer this gift to all hearts out there who love and beat for that golden Sun. The story is not about Ramadan, but about the Sun whose ever-flowing warmth is always embracing our existence, but … .

A message from Hadrat Mahdi (PBUH)

Contributed by bineshan on 03 Aug 2009 - 02:15 PM

At the end of the month of Safar, year 410 A.H., Hadrat Mahdi (PBUH), by Allah's Permission, sent a Toqee' (Signed Letter) to Mohammad son of Mohammad son of No'maan, the Shaikh Mofeed, in which the Imam (PBUH), while referring to himself as the Depositary of the Covenant made with the servants of Allah, addressed that very learned and pious Shi'ah scholar and Faqeeh (jurisprudent and theologian) as a steadfast brother and guided friend and follower.

Mountains may move but he will not!

Contributed by bineshan on 26 Jul 2009 - 02:59 PM

The Amir-Ol-Mo'menin, Hadrat Ali (PBUH), has declared:

One who takes his religion from the mouths of the people, the people will deviate him. But the one who acquires Religion from the Book (Qur'an) and Traditions, mountains may move but he will not.”

(Wasaa'el-O-Shshi'ah, vol. 18, p. 95; …)

Allah's Pleasedness Forever and Ever

Contributed by bineshan on 07 Jul 2009 - 07:03 AM

Celestial occasions, such as the wonderful day when this old earth was blessed and brightened by the physical presence of the Amir and Commander of all Believers from the beginning of time to the very end, Hadrat Ali (PBUH), are beautiful times when Heavenly showers of spiritual blessings and bounties are being bestowed upon creations; may all who love Mohammad and his AhlulBayt (PBUT) be the recipients of such blessings.

Near or not!

Contributed by bineshan on 28 Jun 2009 - 12:44 AM

The very first individual of human species created on this old earth was Adam (PBUH), the starter of this human race. In other words, Allah -the Compassionate and Merciful- first created a Hojjat and Proof, a Representative and Caliph of Allah, before creating the rest of human race on earth, so that His people would never be without an Allah-Chosen Infallible Proof to follow. This has been the unchangeable Sunnah of the Merciful Allah; the human race on earth has never been and will never be deprived of a Divinely Chosen Guide and Hojjat of Allah.

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