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From Hajj to Ghadir

Contributed by bineshan on 04 Dec 2010 - 08:48 PM

From Hajj to Ghadir

Shaikh Tabresi in the most respected book AlEhtejaaj, vol. 1, p. 55, through a chain of noble narrators through Shaikh Toosi through other trusted narrators has narrated from Imam Mohammad Baaqer (PBUH) who has said:

The Rasool [Messenger/Apostle] of Allah intended Hajj from Medina while he had surely conveyed all the Sharaaye’ [precepts] of his people except Hajj and Welaayat [Wilayat, Allah Ordained lordship]; and Jebra’el [Gabriel] (PBUH) descended to him and told him:

A peculiar night

Contributed by bineshan on 05 Sep 2010 - 05:29 AM

A peculiar night

How much longer, should he carry the scar of loneliness?!

How much longer, should he bend over the well and shed tears of loneliness?!

This night is a peculiar night, the night of orphanhood of the entire world …

The father of all ages is going to depart from this world, and will become orphan again, the whole world …

This night in history, is going to be the night of a very lonely migration …

And finally he said, "Swear by the Lord of Ka’bah, I have been delivered and reached Salvation."

An invitation call to read and reflect upon the Ghadir Sermon

Contributed by bineshan on 14 Dec 2009 - 06:29 PM

An invitation call to read and reflect upon the Ghadir Sermon, the last Sermon of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP)

O the independent-thinking intellectuals! O the open-minded of the world!

Come, and let us hearken to the Word of our Creator, as spoken through the tongue of His Last Messenger and Prophet, and let us obey His commands. The Ghadir Sermon, the essence of all Prophets' Missions, is now before you. This Sermon is the Creator's eternal invitation to humankind, and His promissory document to make a firm and everlasting covenant with His creations. God, in this Sermon, sentence by sentence, line by line, has spoken with His creations, and has informed them of His Pleasedness and unpleasedness, His likes and dislikes, His commands and prohibitions.

The All-Wise Lord, in this Heavenly declaration, has offered His most priceless and precious Handcraft and Commodity -the everlasting Heaven and Blissfulness- to the inhabitants of the world, and has called them to the grand and vital Trade!

Let us read the Ghadir Sermon with acuteness and meticulousness, and recommend its reading to others too.

We cordially invite you to announce your agreement and cooperation, by adding the following link to your personal web sites and web logs:

It is noteworthy to state that in the aforementioned site the original Arabic text of the Ghadir Sermon as narrated by Imam Mohammad Baaqer (PBUH), from the book: Ehtejaaj of Shaikh Tabrasi, and translations to other languages, including a newly revised English translation, are available.

Allah's Pleasedness Forever and Ever

Contributed by bineshan on 07 Jul 2009 - 07:03 AM

Celestial occasions, such as the wonderful day when this old earth was blessed and brightened by the physical presence of the Amir and Commander of all Believers from the beginning of time to the very end, Hadrat Ali (PBUH), are beautiful times when Heavenly showers of spiritual blessings and bounties are being bestowed upon creations; may all who love Mohammad and his AhlulBayt (PBUT) be the recipients of such blessings.

In the Presence of ...

Contributed by bineshan on 19 Jul 2008 - 02:19 PM

Mohammad Hosain Shahriyaar Tabrizi was a contemporary Persian poet who one midnight at his home, composed the following poem in praise of Hadrat Ali (PBUH). That same night, a very prominent Shi'ah Marja', Aayatullah Mar'ashi Najafi in the city of Qom, while sleeping had a dream that the known poet, Shahriyaar, was reciting a poem in front of Hadrat Ali (PBUH); the Aayatullah woke up and quickly wrote down the poem which he remembered completely.

Who is Ali, the Amir-Ol-Mo'menin (PBUH)

Contributed by bineshan on 06 Aug 2007 - 05:29 PM

Who is Ali, the Amir-Ol-Mo'menin (PBUH)

Sayyed Ebn Taawoos -a highly trusted and respected Shi'ah scholar of the 7th century A.H.- in his book "Sa'd-O-Sso'ood" has written that he himself had read in the "book of Edris" -the book of the Prophet Edris (Enoch) who was one of the first Prophets after the Prophet Adam (PBUT), and his book was a part of the “Old Testament” of the “Bible”, before the ongoing latest human distortions- in regard to Mohammad and his progeny (PBUT);...

Ever-existing's (Allah's) beauty

Contributed by bineshan on 30 Jul 2007 - 09:58 AM

Ever-existing's (Allah's) beauty

appeared, When manifestation of the Beloved, from the face of Ali;

found brightness, every particle, from the beautiful face of Ali.

Ghadir, heart of Qur'an

Contributed by bineshan on 20 Jan 2007 - 10:16 AM

Ghadir, heart of Qur'an

Whenever we truly love someone, surely we try to learn about his/her likes and dislikes so that our love may grow into a true and satisfying relationship. In loving God, the matter becomes even more personal; because all pleasures are directed towards us; when Allah is pleased, our own souls and hearts become more peaceful, joyful and pleased. If we truly love God, then surely we wish to learn about His likes and dislikes. In Islamic narratives, it has been said that Allah becomes manifest in His Word, for His people. Thus, undoubtedly a sincere person -with all his love- studies the Word of God so that he may establish a heart-warming relationship with his Lord.

On the one hand, the Old Testament, Book of kings 1, chapter 8, statement 9, indicates that the original Torah of the Prophet Moses (PBUH) was lost about 3000 years ago and never again found, while the book which is presented as Torah today is what has been written and rewritten by priests over centuries; on the other hand, history -as it is- is not presenting the original Gospel of the Prophet Jesus (PBUH), while over 100 gospels were written by others throughout the ages. BUT Qur’an; Qur’an is a direct revelation of Divine Word to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP); Qur’an is Unique; there exists no other book with this characteristic and significance!

click For the complete text of the Ghadir, heart of Qur'an

Ghadir sermon/khotbah

Contributed by bineshan on 07 Jan 2007 - 08:05 AM

Commemoration of Ghadir is the celebration of the undistorted Word of Allah and Its Divine interpretation; Ghadir is the everlasting insurance of the eternal Qur'an, Qur'an with Mohammad and his progeny (PBUT) is protected from all kinds of distortions. Today which we have Qur'an and the Ahl-Ol-Bait's interpretation and explanation in our hands, we owe it to the Prophet's last Khotbah/sermon by the pond of Ghadir. We pray that we may all follow the Prophet's recommendations and keep the message of Ghadir in our hearts and transfer it to the next generations. Eid of Ghadir Mobarak.

For direct access to the original text of this English translation click here.

And “” has done minor editing to this text.

click For the complete text of the Prophet's Ghadir sermon/khotbah Section1 & Ghadir sermon/khotbah Section2.

Imam Ali (PBUH)

Contributed by rahmannejad on 14 Oct 2006 - 01:59 PM

Darkness had encompassed the city of Kufah and some hearts; o­ne heart was darker than darkness itself. The most wicked and obedient servant of Eblis was waiting in the Masjid of Kufah for the most pious and obedient servant of Allah ... .


Ali (PBUH) entered the Mosque ... and fell prostrate in worship; Ali's (PBUH) body and soul were harmoniously overwhelmed with the pleasure of submission to Allah... please click o­n Read more or refer to Sermons.




Imam Ali

Contributed by rahmannejad on 07 Aug 2006 - 12:02 PM

Imam Ali's Birth

One day Abbas [the Prophet's uncle] son of Abd-Ol-Motalleb [the Prophet's grandfather], Yazid son of Qa'nab and a group from bani-Haashem and a few from the Banni-Ghora trip were sitting by the Ka'bah. Suddenly Fatima daughter of Asad entered the Masjid-Ol-Haraam while she was nine months pregnant . Then she stood in front of Ka'bah and looked at the sky and said: ... click on read more or refer to special occasions.

Women of Ghadir

Contributed by rahmannejad on 25 Jan 2006 - 10:29 AM

Women of Ghadir

On the 18th of Dhyl-Hajjah, next to the pond of Ghadir, the angel Gabriel -who had observed, the previous Prophet's efforts in introducing their Divine successors- was present and said that he had never seen a Prophet establishing such a firm and full-proof Covenant with the people and considering all possible Here

The Sky Gallery of Ghadir

Contributed by rahmannejad on 21 Jan 2006 - 10:57 AM

The sky Gallery of Ghadir

click here

Mirror of God’s grace

Contributed by rahmannejad on 17 Jan 2006 - 01:05 PM

Mirror of God’s grace

Ghadir, it is, and the world is filled with happiness

Existence is immerged in gladness and eagerness;

Singing melody of beings in heavens

Reaches down to earth, from up in heavens;