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Great Anticipation

Contributed by rahmannejad on 21 Nov 2005 - 12:06 PM

Great Anticipation

Despite enticing propaganda launched to alleviate the problems of the world, the unrestfulness and convulsion of the present situation in the world remains horrendous and worrying.

Even with the efforts of the international organizations and the many lengthy and often tedious conferences held in this respect, yet many international issues such as; securing a stable peace, widespread disarmament, peaceful co-existence, prevention of the expanding nuclear arms race, the promotion of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other countries and the like remain unsolved....Click here

Lost Beloved

Contributed by rahmannejad on 13 Nov 2005 - 12:50 PM

Lost Beloved

Today, human is living in the fast pace world of technology. But facts which can not be denied are that human life in personal level has never been lonelier and in social level, human has not yet been able to solve the most essential problems of humanity. ... Click Here


Contributed by rahmannejad on 09 Nov 2005 - 01:01 PM


The eighth infallible Imam, Imam Reza(PBUH), in explanation of the exalted position of infallible Imams has said:

Infallible Imam is the companion and friend, the kindfather, the beneficent mother to her small child, the equal brother,...”

(Osool Kaafi)... Click Here

Global hope

Contributed by rahmannejad on 07 Nov 2005 - 02:25 PM

The Promised Mahdy (PBUH)Among other Nations

All humans around the world love and anticipate peace ,justice ,tranquility,security and any other beautiful quality that o­ne may Zoroastrians,Jews,Christians and Muslims share this magnificent Anticipation.... click here


Contributed by rahmannejad on 07 Nov 2005 - 01:57 PM

...Jesus...Mohammad (PBUT)

The world we are living in today is surly different from yesterday. Today, people from different parts of this planet can easily communicate with o­ne another and exchange ideas and beliefs Imagine would it not be wonderful if we could all live together happily and peacefully?..... Click here


Contributed by shams on 04 Nov 2005 - 04:16 PM


Did you know that on the Eve of Eid-Ol-Fetr Imam Ali used to stay up all night . Our benevolent first Imam has reminded us that on this blessed night rewards of our deeds shall be bestowed upon us.
If you are successful in staying awake on this blissful night, remember that on a lonely corner of this earth, the last beloved son of Amir-Ol-Mo'menin is also raising his hands towards the same sky that you are under and praying for us also; Let us not forget to pray for him too.

The night of qadr

Contributed by rahmannejad on 24 Oct 2005 - 03:03 PM

Imam Ali (PBUH):

When Qa'em comes out ,the sky will rain and the greens will grow the way they are supposed to.Hatred will leave hearts .Animals will also be compatible with each other. At that time ,a lady with all her beauty ,may travel long distances in security and the wild will not make her worried and she 'll see green land every where.

Following the appearance of the promised one whom Imam Ali also talked about, the sky of human life shall become colorful and peaceful with a rainbow of piety, chastity, honesty, security, tranquility, humanity and beauty.

Let us pray for that beautiful day on the night of Qadr.

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