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Friday message -Issue#5
Shawwal 22, 1426, A.H. - November 25, 2005

Stable Economy

Imam Baaqer(PBUH)has said:
Our Qaa'em shall be graced. For him, they will roll the earth up and show
him all treasures... .”
When humankind discovered one of the treasures and secrets hidden in the
heart of this planet -the energy stored inside atoms- his life was
completely changed. Human has been using this precious treasures for
solving medical problems, producing electricity and many other useful
purposes. Unfortunately in todays world, treasures and sources are not
always used only to improve and benefit human life, sometimes they are
used to destroy such as atomic bombs and alike. Imagine at the time of
Imam Mahdy(PBUH) every hidden secret and treasures shall become manifest
and further more it shall only be used to help humankind and improve human
life. Truly, if all of the God-bestowed sources of this bountiful nature
such as oil, electricity, food, water,... were to be used and
distributed properly and honestly, would there be any poverty and hunger?