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Friday Message - Issue # 6,Stable Economy 2

Shawwal 29, 1426, A.H. - December 2, 2005, C.E.

Imam Baaqer(PBUH) has said:

...all of this shall be after a long period of Disappearance so that God may test people's faith and obedience.

(Ekmaal-O-Ddeen, vol.7)

When a certain matter becomes too lengthy, we tend to forget its beginning and values. It seems that we have become so occupied with our jobs, hobbies and ... that we may be taking some important things for granted. Once upon a time our parents truly loved each other our mother, with the power of love, tolerated hardships carried us for nine month and give birth to us. Perhaps the moment we entered this world was one of the happiest moments of our parents' lives. Patiently, they helped us when we were helpless and walked with us until we grew and became ready to have a life of our own .today, we may be just like a fool grown tree which has a shadow of its own but we tend to forget that our roots are in the land of their love and it is them who have been irrigating us while their experience, benevolence, love and wisdom can continue to feed us but we may become too preoccupied with ourselves and our lives to include them in our every day lives.

Sometimes, we become so busy with our lives that we may forget, every breath we take and every move we make depend on God. If God decides to take the oxygen in the atmosphere away for just a few seconds, there shall be no life left what soever. God does not need us, He loves us so He provides for us. But we are too busy to remember this purest love. We have nothing to offer Him for thanks except our obedience and love, every thing we have is His. The Disappearance of our lord has become too lengthy for us and we are losing our faith in everything and are forgetting that loving God, obeying Him and anticipating the ruleship of God's appointees and laws on earth are the path to everlasting salvation. Behold! testing our faith and obedience is one of the reasons behind disappearance.