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Friday Message - Issue # 8,Unification, not Alienation 2
December 17 , 2005, C.E.

Unification,not alienation

Imam Saadeq(PBUH)has said:

Es-haaq son of Ammaar has said:One day I was with Imam Saadeq and he was talking about people's equality and their rights and duties regarding each other. I was very surprised, Imam said:This is for the time of our Mahdy's Emergence when it will be incumbent on everyone to give others strength and things they need.

(Wasaa'el-O-Shi'ah,Vol 2)

Imagine,how beautiful it shall be when everyone is truly considered equal. Every day, we observe inequalities around us. In applying for jobs,financial assistance ,in seeking justice when something wrong is done against us and alike, we feel that sometimes different forms of discrimination exist , such as class distinctions,racial discriminations and... .At time of Mahdi (May God hasten his Appearance)no one will deprive another for any reason .

At that time, the heavenly bestowed seed of love for others -which is in human heart but may not have found opportunity to grow in its unbalanced and unclean surroundings- will blossom in the fertile ground of equality, with the limpid and fresh waters of justice and under the light of Mahdy's Divine guidance.