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Friday Message - Issue # 7,Unification, not Alienation

December 9, 2005, C.E.

Imam Baaqer(PBUH) has said:

... But at time of the emergence of Qaa'em, there will be coordination, unification and equalization up to a point where, if someone needs, he shall take without any prevention.

(Al-Ekhtesaas, Sheikh Al-Mofid)

In another message, we have mentioned that at time of Mahdy(PBUH) people's intellectual powers shall reach their peaks. Any truly intelligent person, next to his God-bestowed intellectual and physical strengths, also realizes his many weaknesses and total dependence on God. At time Of Mahdi with manifestation of honesty and piety, humankind will return to his soul and establish a pure relationship with the God he always knew in his heart. The unification of humans based on the love of God will definitely be some thing to look forward to, coordination of activities and distribution of foods and goods will be down under the Divinely ordained leadership of the infallible Imam Mahdy(PBUH). Being black or white, coming from different parts of the world... will no longer be factors for discrimination .Since the grounds for corruption and oppression will be eliminated there will be more than enough of every thing for every one .Quran also promises that if people become pious God shall bestow blessings from earth and sky upon them.(Surah A'raaf, verse 96)

In such an honest, intelligent and blessed society, human's essential needs will no longer be a tool in hands of the power hungry because the most powerful shall be the infallible, the most honest and obedient servant of God.