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Jesus said:I am indeed the servant of God; the book, He has given me and a Prophet, He has chosen me.

(Qura'n, Surah Maryam, Verse30)

One of the facts regarding Jesus(PBUH) is that he spoke as an infant, by god's command. At birth, Jesus clarified that he, being born of a virgin, was a servant of God and not the son of God; see article "Adam and Jesus(PBUT)" in the site.

Jesus (PBUH) also stated that God bestowed the book upon him, i.e. If the original Gospel was saved, we would have had the Word of God and not books written by different individuals; see article "...Jesus...Mohammad...(PBUT)" in the site.

As a new born , Jesus (PBUH) indicated that he was chosen a Prophet by God, i.e. Prophets are immaculate and their knowledge is Divinely bestowed therefore, being a child or an adult makes no difference for chosen ones.

We like to extend our warmest wishes on the wonderful occasion of Prophet Jesus's birth anniversary. Close your eyes for one moment and imagine the magnificence and beauty of the time when Mahdy shall Appear and Jesus will come again(PBUT). to all whose loving hearts are beating for the Promised days, Marry Christmas