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Sound of camelbells


Let us open the ears of our hearts, and listen to the sound of the camelbells which travel from hearts to hearts … .

There, listen! Do you hear the camelbells?

It is Jaaber, the same Jaaber who was the trusted and beloved companion of the Prophet, the same Jaaber whom the Prophet had asked him to deliver his Salaam to his grandson, Mohammad son of Ali son of Hossain, the same Jaaber who visited Lady Fatimah after Hossain's birth and saw the heavenly "Lawh of Fatimah" and wrote the names and particularities of the twelve Imams (PBUT) from it, the same Jaaber who held the baby, Hossain in his arms and kissed him over and over, the same Jaaber who was present many times when the Prophet had said that Hossain was from him, the same Jaaber …

Now Jaaber son of Abdullah Ansaari is a blind old man, and is traveling with a very dear scholar friend, Atiyah Koofi, from Medina to Karbala; Atiyah is leading his blind companion whom he respects and loves so much, every step of the long journey; there it is, running through the heart of Karbala, the Euphrates river, that lonely and roaring river, has so much to say, it is as if, all the tears of Chosen Ones from the beginning of time until Eternity, are flowing in its loving arms, and the saddest melody of lamentation is being created from its broken heart … .

Jaaber and Atiyah are performing Ghosl and Wod(z)oo in the Euphrates, and wearing their cleanest clothes; Jaaber says to his dear friend that he does not need to lead the way no more, Jaaber is going to find his lord on his own; Jaaber starts to walk very slowly, one sand at a time! Suddenly he falls on the ground, yes he has smelled the celestial scent of Hossain, he embraces that dusty grave and cries and cries with the melody of the Euphrates lamentation, until he passes out … .

In the midst of tears, Jaaber hears the camelbells, who are they?!

Jaaber recognizes the voice of the Lady of Haram! She is Zaynab, Hossain's beloved sister (PBUT), she who has carried the heaviest burden of history on her shoulders, the same beloved Zaynab of the Prophet and Ali and Fatimah (PBUT), the same Zaynab who had married her husband with one condition that she would not be separated from Hossain, not even for one heartbeat, the same Zaynab who …; yes, it is the caravan of grief being taken to Medina through Karbala at the request of the Ahl of Haram … .

The camelbells are quiet now, the river, the sands, the angels, and the heavens and earth, are lamenting with Ali son of Hossain and Lady Zaynab (PBUT), the same Angels who were not given the opportunity to help Hossain and are going to stay by Hossain's grave until Appearance of Mahdi (PBUT), the Revenger of the blood of Hossain and … .

It is Arba'een, forty heartbeats after the Ever-beating heart of Hossain … .

Forget it not! Until Mahdi … .