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'Eed of Zahra


Imam Saadeq (PBUH) has said:


One who states that he loves us, while he has not dissociated from and disliked our enemies, is not telling the truth.


(Behaar-Ol-Anwaar, …)


In commemoration of the 'Eed (Eid) Of Zahra -when her execration request to Allah against an usurper, an enemy of humankind, (Omar son of Khattaab), was responded- we are narrating the aforementioned Hadith -which is one of many in this category- to make a very important and vital point.

Acceptance of the All-Knowing, Compassionate and Omnipotent Allah's Absolute Sovereignty, means the realization of Allah's infallible benevolence, therefore, Submission to His specified way of life; means truly loving the One and only Allah, and dissociating from and disliking all pretended lords; means loving Allah's Chosen Ones, and dissociating from and disliking all selfish usurpers; means practically liking honesty, and dissociating from and disliking dishonesty; means practicing decency as specified by Allah, and dissociating from and disliking all behavior which Allah has defined as indecency; means honoring Allah's Halaal (lawful), and dissociating from and disliking Allah's Haraam; … .

Truly, can one state that he loves honesty, and then loves dishonesty too?! In the same manner, can one sincerely state that he loves the absolute Signs and Manifestation of all honesty and purity -the AhlulBait- , and then at the same time, likes or respects or be indifferent toward the signs and manifestation of dishonesty and impurity -those who knowingly usurped the Ahl-Ol-Bait's Right, a Divine Right which has been for Salvation of humankind and not for the Ahl-Ol-Bait's personal gain-?!

The enemies of the Ahl-Ol-Bait (PBUT) -whether those who originally usurped their Divinely Bestowed Rights and therefore as the result, caused so much adversities in human life, or those who still (as a direct result of the first usurpations) knowingly deny the undeniable facts, and the Ahl-Ol-Bait and their Way, and therefore cause the Path to Everlasting Salvation to remain unclear to some- are the enemies of humankind, and therefore the enemies of Allah; no one can ever do any thing against the Omnipotent Allah, so the enemies of Allah are those who block the Path to Everlasting Salvation for Allah's creations, i.e. those who go against Allah's Chosen Ones, Allah's Signs and Proofs.

The worst and most unforgivable Oppressor according to Qur'an is:


6:21 And who is more UNJUST than he who forges a lie against Allah or (he who) gives the lie to His Aayaat (Communications, Signs, …); surely the unjust will not be successful.


Yes, the worst thing which an oppressor who physically harms humankind, can do is to destroy human's life on earth, but an oppressor who diverts humankind from the Path to Everlasting Salvation, destroys spiritual and eternal life of humankind; and the latter is extremely worse and absolutely unforgivable.

The following verse or similar, is repeatedly mentioned in Qur'an:


42:40 … Surely He (Allah) does not love the UNJUST.


So, we have to be very careful, if we wish to be counted among those whose love for Allah are accepted, and thus those who Allah loves, we have to dissociate from and dislike the enemies of Allah, i.e. those who have moved against the Ahl-Ol-Bait (PBUT) -the manifestation of Allah's love- and have tried to distort the Divine teachings and therefore block the Path to Everlasting Salvation.


As commanded by Allah in many verses of Qur'an, such as:

3:86 How shall Allah Guide a people who disbelieved after their believing, and (after) they had borne witness that the Messenger was true, and Clear Arguments had come to them; and Allah does not Guide the UNJUST people.

3:87 (As for) these, their reward is that upon them is the La'n (the Curse to be totally away from Mercy) of Allah and the angels and of humans, all together.

La'n be upon all those who have knowingly tried to distort the Truth, so that they may gain a little more of this transient world; how narrow-minded and dark-hearted such people have been!!!