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25th day of Dhyl-Qa'dah

The 25th day of the lunar month of Dhyl-Qa'dah is the day when the earth expanded from where Ka'bah is located. This day is called Dahw-Ol-Arz and is considered so blessed that fasting on it, is equivalent in value, to fasting seventy years. Every being in heavens and earth prays for forgiveness of any one fasting on this day. For a person fasting on this day and praying in this night, 100 years of worshiping shall be written. The Almighty God is Bounteous and Merciful. The rewards which the Compassionate God offers for our deeds are way more than what we have ever done. Once a person becomes so humble that he realizes everything he has is from the loving God and therefore becomes grateful and obeys the Wise and Benevolent God, then God bestows His Blessings and Mercy upon him and showers him with heavenly love. When a person does what God wants him, God tells his angels that He is proud of His servant who has chosen freely to serve Him. Words are incapable of explaining the pure and warm love which one feels when he knows that his Compassionate Creator is pleased. The 25th of Dhyl-Qa'dah is a heavenly opportunity to experience this wonderful and celestial feeling. On such occasions let us also take the time to think about our Creator who has created the earth and everything in and on it which we depend so much upon for our every day lives!