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Imam Baaqer(PBUH) has said:

Our Qaa'em at time of his Emergence will concentrate the masses' intellectual powers and extand their perception and wisdom to the peak of perfection.”

Behaar-Ol-Anwar, Vol 52

According to Islamic documents, humankind -with all his efforts and endeavors- will only be able to achieve the maximum of((two out of letters of Knowledge))

In spite of all scientific researches and studies in progress, today we observe that many human scientific problems such as medical difficulties and unanswered questions regarding creation have not yet been resolved.

With Appearance of the Saviour, Imam Mahdy(PBUH),both from blessings of the manifestation of Divine Truth on earth and from the concentration of human brain powers and sources on good and not evil, masses' intellectual powers shall reach their peaks and therefore, human problems and question shall be fully solved and answered .

While sincerely working hard to solve human problems today,Let us also truly strive and pray for that wonderful day.