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Single Worldwide Government

The Prophet(PBUH&HP):

I swear to the one who chose me as the true conveyor of good news ,if there is not but one day left of this world ,God will prolong that same day until my son Mahdy shall come out and after that Jesus Christ will descend and stand behind Mahdy and pray with him .Then ,the earth will be brightened by its God's light and Mahdy's government shall reach the world's East and West.”

Let us not forget ,God has promised that the glorious moment of Mahdy's Appearance is not a specified time and with his Almight occurrence of those magnificent days is possible at any seconds.

Truly,If we know that tomorrow his Appearance may happen then how would we feel and act today?!

Surely ,in that case our thoughts and deeds will not break the Prophet's and Imam Mahdy's (PBUT) loving hearts any more.