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On the 18th of Dhyl-Hajjah, next to the pond of Ghadir, the angel Gabriel -who had observed, the previous Prophet's efforts in introducing their Divine successors- was present and said that he had never seen a Prophet establishing such a firm and full-proof Covenant with the people and considering all possible aspects. The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP)did not just deliver his most unforgettable speech; he asked every woman and every man present that day to pledge their royalty, one by one, to him and to Ali (PBUT). This destiny-making process took 3 days. Ironically, many people today consider Islam an obsolete idea of the past; people who think this way have not know the real Islam and that is because the Islam which has been presented to them is the distorted Islam; a distorted Islam which resulted from the separation of humanity from the God-chosen Mohammad's progeny (PBUT). The All-Knowing God doesn't need to experience to find the best way as human needs therefore, God's way was the best way, still is &always will be. Those who think Islam is a thing of the past can easily -by observing the perfect traditions which the holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) was trying to establish- see the magnificence of that Divine man. In Ghadir, over 1400 years ago, every single women had the right and opportunity to give her vote of confidence and loyalty to Mohammad and Ali and their progeny (PBUT) .Women's true rights -with all the facts of human life and creation considered- became manifest by Islam. In another example, women in Europe -in England up to the year 1870 A.D. , in France up to 1900 A.D., in Switzerland up to 1917 A.D., i.e. almost one hundred years ago- absolutely did not have the right to own anything, while a complete ownership right was bestowed upon women by Islam over 1400years ago. Cases like these ,are plenty in Islam.

Many things happened in those 3 days and after... . May the sky of your days always be as heavenly and Ghadiry as those days .You are cordially invited to visit our sky Gallery of Ghadir in this site.