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The sixth Divine successor of the final holy Prophet (PBUH&HP)was living during years in which the Bani-Omayyah and the Bani-Abbas deviated political dynasties were fighting for gaining power &rulship over Islamic territories. Therefore, they were too busy among themselves sand their usual political pressures upon the true Muslims -followers of the Prophet Mohammad and his God-chosen Ahl-Ol-Bait (PBUT)- were reduced.

Imam Saadeq(PBUH)used the opportunity to train thousands of students in the school of the Prophet's true Sunnah. Although he was finally martyred by the ruling government on the 25 the of Shawaal, year 148 A.H.

But he got the blessed chance to revive Islamic teachings;God's light kept on shining .

As the glorious Qur'an indicates(Surah Saf , verse No8 and Surah Tobah, Verse 32) oppressors and atheist constantly wish to block the shining of God's light, but the light of God always shines through.