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At time of the Prophet Mohammad(PBUH&HP), a group of Christians -who, based on Jesus's prophecies, were expecting the Promised Prophet and were responding to the invitation of Islam- travel from Najraan to Medina. In the way, their bishop privately confessed to his brother that Mohammad was the one whom Christians were anticipating. Once they arrived in Medina, they went to see the Prophet. They talked about Jesus being the son of God and in their response, the revelation angel brought the verses 59&60 of Surah Aal-Emraan down to the Prophet Mohammad -PBUH&HP- (see the article “Adam & Jesus(PBUT)” in this site). The bishop -who had gotten used to his highly exalted position among his people- did not accept Islam; but his brother -remembering the bishop's confession and knowing that worldly reasons were behind the bishop's avoidance and being astonished by Mohammad's Knowledge- embraced Islam. God commanded the Prophet to call the Christians to Mobaahelah (see the article “Mobaahelah, Ali as Mohammad's self” in this site). This day in the history of Islam is only one of the many occasions in which the Prophet publicly presented the Ahl-Ol-Bait and their superiority. Fasting on this day is highly recommended. The famous Qur'anic verse ((Tathir)) was also sent to the Prophet on this unforgettable occasion, Dhyl-Hajjah the 24th :

This it and nothing but this, God has willed to put away all that is not pure from you, The AHL-OL-BAIT, and make you immaculate in the most possible purified status.

(Quran, Surah Ahzaab, Verse 33)

Also, the 25th of Dhyl-Hajjah is when the verses of Surah Ensaan were revealed to the Prophet through the revelation Angel in praising the Ahl-Ol-Bait. The story of this event is very delightful and heart-touching. We shall soon narrate this heart-warming story in the site. Look for it !