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Worship the Golden Calf

The prophet Mohammad's (PBUH&HP) passing away was only about seventy days after Ghadir, i.e. seventy days after the people, in presence of the Prophet, had pledge their royalty to Ali(PBUH) ! After the Prophet, a group of Jews -who, in search of answers to their questions regarding the final Promised Prophet (as prophesied by Moses), had gone to Medina and were astonished by the fact that only Ali, and not the Khalifah, had the heavenly Knowledge to answer their questions- asked Ali the Amir -Ol-Mo'menin: How could people forget Ghadir so soon and turn their backs to you and the Prophet? The holy Prophet's true successor, Ali son of Abi-Taaleb, chose to answer their question by reminding them certain acts of their own ancestors.

A short time after Moses (PBUH) had split the Nile open and the children of Israel passed to safety while the Pharaoh and his soldiers were drowned, Moses -by God's command- went to mount Sina for 30 days. After the 30 days were over, God -for certain reasons such as testing people's faith- added an extra 10 days to the absence of Moses from his people. The Israelites -who had previously witnessed many miracles- during those 10 days started to worship a golden calf in place of the one and only God ! Those 10 days were enough time for them to turn their backs to Moses and Aaron (PBUT)!

The broken hearts of the Shi'ah beat for Ali's love and will not stop until the Appearance of Ali's son... .