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Great Anticipation

In The Name Of Allah the Compassionate,the Merciful

Despite enticing propaganda launched to alleviate the problems of the world, the unrestfulness and convulsion of the present situation in the world remains horrendous and worrying.

Even with the efforts of the international organizations and the many lengthy and often tedious conferences held in this respect, yet many international issues such as; securing a stable peace, widespread disarmament, peaceful co-existence, prevention of the expanding nuclear arms race, the promotion of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other countries and the like remain unsolved.

The arrayal of troops and dangerous competition between and among world powers, the arms race and blind clashes in the four corners of the globe continue as ever.

Due to colonization and exploitive economy,the rift between the rich and poor countries is becoming greater everyday.

The figures for criminal offenses are drastically high and rising, posing the disciplinary organizations and the police immense problems. Lack of morality and ethics, unsound and shaky principles concerning ideologies or beliefs has generated all sorts of moral corruptions and social indecencies. These and many other complicated problems raises the question of what will the fate of human society be?will it continue to remain as it is?, And miserably end in Man's pathetic destruction?, Or will the ball of celestial fortune sooner or later turn to Man's advantage?

A study of the laws of Creation and Genesis, as well as the law of evolution as an integral part of it, reveals that the present situation can not last: and very soon the visage of the world will witness a transformation for good, giving way to security, Peace and virtue. Humanity anxiously awaits this great transformation.