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Global change in the light of Scientific and Ideological movement

After the advent(Appearing) of the bearer of Divine Command-Imam Mahdy(Mahdi)-and the establishment of the government of Justice and equity, the level of peoples thoughts and awareness will be raised tremendously,benefiting from a development mental and scientific knowledge from the blessing of his being.

Imam Baaqer(PBUH) has said:

When our Saviour rises, he will put his hand o­n the heads of His Servants and unifies their scattered thoughts, directing them to the utmost perfection.”

(Behaar-Ol-Anwaar,Vol 52)

At the time of Imam Mahdy's ruler-ship, the range of activities,keenness of sight and hearing will be amazingly expanded so mush so that the sixth Imam,Hazrat Ja'far Saadeq has said:

When the Promised Mahdy(Mahdi) rises, Allah bestows such immense and supernatural powers to the Shi'ah of the world that there will be no need for a courier between them. They will communicate with him from very far distances and see him without his physical presence.”


One other manifestation in the extraordinary leap and advancement of science and technology in the domain of Imam Mahdy's government is that the person in the east can easily see the person who is physically in the west and vice versa.

(Behaar-Ol-Anwaar, vol 52)

The Imam-Leader of the Time -in all grace, mounts the most swift mount called in the narrations “the Cloud”.

At the o­nset of the freedom-given movement of Imam Mahdy(may Allah hasten his Appearance), an Unseen announcer at the top of the world, informs the good news of his global movement and everybody with different languages comprehend the message.