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Ethical and Economic Evolution

In the government of Imam Mahdy(Mahdi), not o­nly an amazing transformation in the field of Science and technology takes place, but the world of mankind will enjoy the peaks of ethical and moral elevations. Science; technology and piety will complement each other and a most comprehensive evolution in all aspects of life will be reached. Moreover, in the light of such circumstance, the kingdom of oppression, Evilness and Paganism will be completely rooted out.

The banner of Unity and Monotheism will be raised in everywhere and the world will benefit from Justice and fellowship. Under the leadership and teachings of the Promised Saviour -Imam Mahdy(Mahdi) - security and welfare will rule, and the earth will become the center of love and peace. There will remain nothing of war or enmity but a name. Enmities, jealousies, rivalries, and feuds will leave all hearts for good and public security and welfare be established.

In his government, All is divided between people and he will act according to the Sunnah (Method) of the holy Prophet(PBUH), establishing the Religion of Allah(God)---Al-Isalm---on earth completely.”

(At-Taj-Al-jame, Vol 5)

And: he will execute justice among people and at times of judgment distinguish between right and wrong.”

(Al-Fotouhaat-Al-Makkiyah,Vol 3)


Imam Sajjaad(PBUH)has said:

In the government of the savior---being of Mohammad's descent(PBUH)---every illness or plague or organic disease will leave the Muslim community and Allah will turn their hearts iron-strong. Each Muslim will enjoy a most amazing power and thus take possession of the earth.

In the government of his eminence, every place will be fresh and flourishing. The earth will make evident its gems, and beneficial rainfalls, water the plants.

The world will be so pleasant that people o­n journey will find every place flourishing and full of flowers. No place will be left arid.

And finally, freedom and security will rule in a manner that no o­ne offends the other”.Until that day!