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Compassionate Guardian


In the highly respected Shi'ah source, the book of Basaa'er-O-Ddarajaat, there is a Hadith from Imam Ali (PBUH).


The infallible Imam was talking to a Believer who was ill, the Imam compassionately stated:


We become happy from your happiness, and turn sad of your sadness, we feel ill from your illness, and pray for you, and when you pray, we say Amen.


That man was quite astonished because it was hard for him to understand how could the Imam say Amen every time he prayed, while he was far away from the Imam many times he prayed; he had not realized the exalted position of Infallible Imams. Imam Ali (PBUH) kindly continued:


Far and near distances do not make any difference for us.”


In each breath we take and every move we make, the most compassionate divinely powered, and appointed Guardian is with us. Do we really comprehend the extent of this wonderful relationship? The lord and guardian of our time, is Imam Mahdy (PBUH).

Imagine every time we feel sad, our lord and Imam is also sad. Many times when we have problems, we think that our lord have left us alone and does not know what we are going through, and sometimes in our childish minds, we may even think that he does not care. But he cares more than any one else. Fatherly and patiently, he watches over us and walks with us to the road of rearranged priorities and exalted goals, to the road of humanity, to the road of piety, to the road of chastity, to the road of honesty, to the road of honor, to the road of God's obedience, to the road of good and clean life, to the road which takes us to eternity. Sometimes it is hard to learn, but working hard for gaining precise results is valuable. To achieve short-term worldly happiness, we are willing to work hard and make sacrifices, why not strive for eternal happiness?! And, when we realize this heavenly goal and become happy and pleased, even at hard times, our beloved Imam becomes happy and pleased too. When hardships become hard to bear, it is the result of our Imams prayers or his Amen to our prayers, which makes hardships easier to bear, or takes them away.

In moments of our lives, we always wish for a true companion to talk to, someone to rely upon, a kind person to share our happiness with, a benevolent friend, a shoulder to cry on ..., and we believe that if we had such a person, we would never feel lonely. O' God! Thanks to you we have such a person. Today with every beating of our hearts, Imam Mahdi is with us and is waiting for us to take his warm hands and accept his benevolent compassion. Let us allow our hearts beat with the melody of his compassionate heartbeat.