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Night of Qadr


Angels and the Spirit descend therein (on the Night of Qadr) , by the permission of their Lord, with all decrees and "Amr".


(Qur'an, Surah Qadr, verse 4)


On the Night of Qadr, all Angels are sent down to earth, to meet the Hojjat (the chosen-one with Divine Proof) of Allah on earth. On that night, all the things which are going to happen in the coming year, are notified; Imam Baaqer (PBUH) has said:


In the Night of Qadr, every thing is decreed - pleasant and unpleasant, obedience and disobedience, birth and death, and livelihood- which will occur during the course of that year, till the next Night of Qadr.


(Al-Kaafi,... )


Of course, we have to remember that Allah can change any thing at any time; so we always have to keep on trying and praying.

One day, the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) was asked, whether the Night of Qadr was only for the time of the Prophet? The Prophet replied:


The Night of Qadr will happen [every year] until the Judgment Day; the Night of Qadr is in the month of Ramadan.


(Majma'-Ol-Bayaan,... )


The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) used to recite the Surah of Qadr repeatedly -while teardrops rolled down his heavenly face- every time he saw Abu-Bakr and Omar, and say that, his action was for the love he felt for Ali (PBUH) and for the things which Ali (PBUH) was going to observe after him; ...the Prophet (PBUH&HP) asked Abu-Bakr and Omar:

After me, to whom, will the angels descend to and bring the decrees of All things?

They said that they did not know. Then, the Prophet (PBUH&HP) embraced Ali (PBUH) and said:

Know that the Angels will bring every thing from all Amr [affairs ,events, matters,...] to Ali, after me.


(Al-kaafi,... )


Yes, the Night of Qadr occurs every year and today, the celestial person whom All Angels come to, in that Night, is Mahdi (PBUH); it is recommended to stay up during the Night of Qadr, and pray because our future, in the year ahead, depends on this Night.

In Shi'ah narratives, the Night of Qadr is introduced as the 23rd night of Ramadan; the 19th and 21st nights of Ramadan seem to be the first steps toward that Night; Imam Saadeq (PBUH) has said:


"Taqdir" (estimation and design), on the 19th night of Ramadan; "Ebraam" (confirmation), on the 21st night; "Emza" (endorsement and signature), on the 23rd night.


(Mer'aat-Ol-Oqool,… )


It is highly recommended to stay up in all these three nights and pray; may we have the blessed opportunity to feel our beloved Mahdi's presence in our broken hearts; let us never forget that the last step for approval of the things which will happen in every one's lives until next Ramadan, is Imam Mahdi's (PBUH) signature.

Imagine, how great it shall be, if his Appearance will be the next thing which will happen; so let us not forget to pray for his Appearance all through those blessed nights.

O' our beloved Mahdi! Do not forget us -as you have promised that you never would-, we know that we have not been good but we have hope that we will be forgiven, if you pray for us; you are whom Allah has chosen and we follow you to obey Allah; guide us in our path of obedience and watch over us; may Allah hasten your Appearance ... .