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Why humble?

O' human! What has made you so arrogant to your Gracious Lord?

(Haughty towards) Him Who created you and made you in due proportion and balanced you!

(while) in whatever for He has willed, He has composed you!

(Qur'an, Surah Enfetaar, verses 6 to 8)

Every basic thing human being needs -the water he drinks, the food he eats, the air he breathes- are all from nature, i.e. from god's creations. Any thing human being has invented, one way or another, its model and materials necessary for building and operating it, exist in nature. Consider an airplane, birds in nature were the inspiration for its invention; oil has to be extracted from nature and turned into its fuel; steel and other materials used in its construction -in their original forms- are all found in nature. When a human being, in spite of his total dependence upon God, becomes so self-centered and forgetful that he turns into an oppressor and shamelessly kills and destroys to get what he wants, even then he is using the nature which God has created.

Materials used for construction of Gones, bombs, bombers, espionage instruments and ... are also from nature. Human brain is a powerful tool which God has given us in trust to use for solving problems and establishing a constructive relationship with God and others and not for finding ways to oppress and destroy. If we honestly and sincerely think and reflect, we will surely come to realize that we do not own any thing. We and every thing we use, to build or to destroy, do not belong to us. God has created every thing with specifications He wanted and He is watching our thoughts and deeds.

God created something which human named it water; its specification is so that it evaporates and then returns to earth in forms of rain, hail, snow and flows in rivers. While occins' waters are salty and not accessible for every one, but rivers flow more accessibly and with sweet and drinkable waters. Then God made it so that human feels thirsty and drinks from that water and quenches his thirst. If God wanted he could have created a totally different procedure for quenching human's thirst. He did it this way and therefore, it is . God decided to bestow blessings upon His beings through certain chosen ones and He made it so that their Divine Knowledge quenches human's spiritual thirst .

He did it this way and therefore it is. We accept the path through which water reaches us and we admit that our thirst is quenched by water. How could then we, in spite our total dependence on God, not accept the path through which Divine blessings are bestowed upon us and how could we not admit that heavenly Knowledge quenches our spiritual thirst, while God has set it this way? Today, Imam Mahdy(Mahdi)(May God hasten his Appearance) is the chosen one through whom God's blessings are bestowed on us. Every breath we take depends on each breath he takes. God does not need to bestow blessings upon us, He does it because He is compassionate and Merciful, but we need to receive His blessings through the means He has created .

If by some unknown phenomenon all waters on surface of earth were to be swallowed up and disappeared would we not urgently beg God to reverse that phenomenon? God uses the same parable for disappearance of Imam Mahdi(PBUH) and says :

(O' Prophet!) say: have you considered that if the surface waters which you use were to be suddenly swallowed up, who then can supply you with clear-flowing water?

(Qur'an, Surah Molk, verse 30)