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Fountain of Life

there are so many things around us which we can not see, hear, smell or touch, but yet they are there and our lives depend on them such as oxygen, many years ago when oxygen had not yet been discovered people did not know about it but their lack of knowledge did not cause the oxygen not to be. Sometimes we see dreams that later come true. In another words, our spirits observe things in the future while our bodies are in the present. Our denial of supernatural phenomena does not cause them not to be. We belong to God and sooner or later we shall return to Him. Our not thinking about it seriously, does not cause it not to be.

If tomorrow in the news, a dependable personality announces that there is a fountain from which if one drinks, everlasting life shall be accomplished undoubtedly every one in the world will not think twice and rush to get to it at any price. Well, the most dependable and reliable source, God, has given us the news that Mohammad and his Progeny(PBUT) -the last promised appointees of God on earth- know the way to everlasting life. We just have to follow them. So let us drink from the fountain of their love and start our journeys to heavens above.