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Last Sermon/Khotbah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP),

The Ghadir Sermon  

Allaamah Amini in his priceless book, Al-Ghadir, has gathered the Sunni narrators of the "Ghadir Hadith". According to the Sunni, the Hadith regarding the Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH&HP) last Sermon/Khotbah -delivered by the pond of Ghadir- was reported by one hundred and ten of the people who had met the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) -the Ashaab-, and by eighty seven of those following them -the Taabe’een-, and by about 400 Sunni scholars afterward; and at least twenty six separate books about this subject have been written by Sunni writers throughout the ages; while the entire Sermon has been fully narrated by thousands of Shi'ah scholars. The Prophet, when returning from his last pilgrimage Hajj, the Hajjat-Ol-Wedaa', on the 18th of Dhyl-Hajjah, by the command of Allah, stopped by the pond of Ghadir-Khom and in front of over one hundred thousand people delivered the following Sermon; and after the speech, the entire audience pledged their allegiance together as a group, then in addition, the people, men and women, one by one, individually pledged allegiance to the Prophet Mohammad and his Divinely chosen Successor, Ali (PBUT). The whole procedure took three days.

It is important to remember that in translation the spirit of the text may not be fully transferred, so it is seriously recommended that while seeking guidance from Allah and the Prophet and his AhlulBayt (PBUT), the Arabic text along with related Hadithes are also studied. 

Let us read together, the following English translation of the original Arabic text of the last Sermon/Khotbah of the final Holy Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH&HP), as narrated by Imam Mohammad Baaqer (PBUH) in the highly respected book, Ehtejaaj of Shaikh Tabresi:

The Ghadir Sermon

Part 1

Praising Allah and Regarding Him Pure

All Praise belong to Allah Who is Exalted in His Oneness, and is Near in His Uniqueness, and is Sublime in His Authority and Lordship, and is Grand in His Arkaan (Omnipotence, ...). His Knowledge encompasses everything while He is in His Status; He subdues all creations through His Might and Proof.

He has always been Praise-worthy and shall always be praised; He is the Maker of what has been elevated (skies, …), the Expander of what has been spread out (the earth, …); and He is the Jabbaar (He Who has set right) of the Lands and the heavens.

He is Sobbooh and Qoddoos (Holy and Glorified above all glorifications and purifications and …), the Lord of angels and the Rooh (the Spirit). He grants to all that he has originated; the Bestower of grace upon whom He has created; He sees all eyes, while eyes do not see Him. He is Bounteous, Forbearing and Patient.

Surely, He has made His Mercy encompass everything (1), and He has favored them by His Blessings. He does not hasten His avenging, nor does He take the initiative on what (He knows) they deserve of His punishment. Indeed, He comprehends the hidden secrets, and knows what the hearts and consciences conceal. Hidden things are not concealed from Him, nor do the hidden seem to Him in any other manner (than what they really are).

He encompasses all things and He dominates everything, and His (bestowed) power is within all, while He has Power over everything. No thing is like Him (2), while He (Himself) is the Establisher of thing when it was nothing. He is Everlasting, who acts justly; there is no god but He, the Mighty, the Wise. (3) He is Exalted and Majestic beyond being grasped by visions, while He grasps all visions, and He is All-Kind and Giving, All-Aware. (4)

None can reach His description by seeing Him, nor can any one find out how He is, from a secret or an evident (matter), unless what Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic, Himself, has guided to.

I testify that He is Allah, Whose Holiness overspreads all ages, and Whose Light overwhelms Eternity, and Who enforces His command without consulting an advisor; and there is no partner with Him in (His) planning, nor is there any discrepancy in management. He has shaped whatever He originated without a preexisting model, and has created whatever He created without getting assistance from anyone, or burdening Himself, and needing no stratagem; He has originated it, thus it has come into being, and He has formed it, thus it has become distinct.

So, He is Allah, the One that there is no god but He, Who is Proficient in skill, and Excellent in action. He is the Just Who never oppresses, and the Most Generous to Whom all affairs and Amrs are referred and returned. (5)

And I testify that He is Allah that before His Omnipotence everything is humble, and before His Awe everything is submissive. He is the King and Master of all domains, and the Turner of the heavenly bodies, and the Dominator of the sun and the moon, each of which pursues its course for an appointed time. He makes night overtake day, and day overtake night, (each one) seeking the other rapidly.

He is the Destroyer of every stubborn tyrant, and the Annihilator of every rebellious devil. Neither has there been any opposing power besides Him, nor any peer. He is Unique, Samad (Independent and Impenetrable …). He never begets nor is He begotten, and none can ever be a match for Him. (6) He is the only God, the Glorious Lord, Who wills, and thus carries out; and, Who intends, and thus decrees; and, Who knows, and thus takes to calculation; and He causes death and gives life; and He causes to impoverish and to enrich. (7)He causes smile and happiness, and sadness and tears. (8) He withholds, and grants.

For Him is Sovereignty, and for Him is Praise. In His hand is all goodness, and He is All-Powerful to do everything. (9) He lets night enter the day, and day enter night; there is no god but He, the Undefeatable Almighty, the All-Forgiving. He is the Responder to supplications, and the Bounteous in granting, the Enumerator of breaths, and the Lord of the Jinn-kind and humankind. Neither does anything bring difficulty for Him, and nor does the cry of those who appeal for help annoy Him, and nor does the insistence of those who insist, force Him to assent.

He is the Protector of the righteous, and the Giver of success to the achievers of salvation. And He is the Mawla and Lord of the worlds, Who deserves that all His creations thank Him and praise Him, I Praise Him in joy and sorrow, and in hardship and comfort; and I believe in Him , His angels, His Books and His Messengers; I listen to His Command and obey Him, and proceed towards whatever pleases Him, and submit to His Decrees, longing to be obedient to Him, and fearing His punishment, for, He is Allah, Whose plans, no one is secure from, nor, injustice from Him, no one is in fear of.

Notes of Part 1

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The Ghadir Sermon


Part 2

Preparation for Delivering an Important Commandment from Allah

I have made firm in my soul, submissiveness (Oboodyyat) for Him, and I bear witness to, Lordship for Him. And I convey what He revealed to me, lest should I not do it, He may allow that a calamity befalls me, that which no one can turn away from me even if he has great schemes. There is no god but He. He has surely informed me that if I do not convey what He has revealed to me, then I have not conveyed His Messengership.

Certainly, He, the most holy, the most high, has guaranteed for me, protection, and He is Allah, Who is Sufficient and Bountiful. Thus, He revealed to me: “In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful. O' Messenger! Deliver what has been sent down to you from your Lord regarding Ali -meaning in regard to the Caliphate of Ali ebn AbiTaaleb- and if you do not, you have not conveyed His Messengership, and Allah shall protect you from people.” (10)

O' people! I have not been neglectful of conveying what Allah, the Exalted, sent down to me, and I shall now explain to you the reason behind the revelation of this verse. Verily, Gabriel (Jebra'eel) came down to me three times and delivered me my Lord's Salaam -and He (Allah) is Salaam (Peace and Security …)-, and His command that I should stand in this scene and inform everyone, white and black: Surely Ali ebn AbiTaaleb is my brother, my executor (Wasi), my successor (Caliph), and the Imam after me; whose position to me is like that of Aaron (Haaroon) to Moses (Moosa) except that there shall be no Prophet after me, and that he is your lord and Authority (Wali) after Allah and His Messenger. And, indeed, Allah, the Most Holy, the Most High, has sent down to me a verse from His Book about this, saying: “This is it and nothing but this, your Wali is Allah and His Messenger and those of the Believers who perform the Prayers (Salaat) and pay Zakaat while they Rokoo' (bow down before Allah in Prayers).” (11)

And Ali ebn AbiTaaleb performed Salaat (Prayer), and paid Zakaat (religious financial duties) while bowing down in Rokoo'; he (Ali) seeks and keeps Allah in mind, the Mighty and the Majestic, in all situations.

And, I asked Gabriel to request Allah to excuse me from conveying it to you; O' people! Due to my knowledge on the fewness of the pious, and the numerousness of the hypocrites, and the treachery of the sinful, and the trickery of those who ridicule Islam, those whom Allah has described in His Book as: “they say with their tongues what is not in their hearts,” (12) And: “taking it lightly, while it is a grave matter in the view of Allah.” (13)

And, due to their annoying me on many occasions, so much so that they called me (all) “ear”, claiming I am so because of his (Ali's) frequent attendance in my presence and my attention to him, until Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic, sent down in this regard, the verse: And of them are some who annoy the Prophet and say: He is “ear”. Say: One whom you call “ear” is best for you; He believes in Allah, safeguards the believers, and is a Mercy for those of you who Believe. And for those who annoy the Messenger of Allah, there shall be a painful torment.”(14)

And, Had I wished to name them by their names, I would have named; and, to point out towards them, I would have pointed; and, to indicate them with their indications, I would have done so; yet, by Allah, I have indeed dealt with their affairs magnanimously. Nevertheless, Allah is not pleased with me until I convey what He has sent down to me: “O' Messenger! Deliver what has been sent down to you from your Lord with regard to Ali, and if you do not, you will not have conveyed His Messengership, and Allah shall protect you from people.”(15)



Notes of Part 2

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The Ghadir Sermon

Part 3

Open Declaration of the Imamat (Divinely Ordained Leadership) of Ali ebn AbiTaaleb and the Imams after Him (PBUT)

O' people! Know that Allah has assigned him (Ali) as a Wali and an Imam for you, whose obedience is incumbent upon the Immigrants (Mohaajerin), and the Helpers (Ansaar), and upon those who follow them with goodness and beauty; And upon the nomad, village and city resident; and upon the Arab and the Ajam (non-Arab); the free and the slave; and the young and the old; and upon the white and the black; and upon every monotheist. His (Ali's) decree is to be carried out, his sayings are permitted (as law), and his command is penetrative and effective.

Far from Allah's Mercy (Mal'oon) is whoever opposes him, blessed with Mercy (Marhoom) is whoever follows him. And indeed, Allah forgives those who acknowledge and accept him, and those who listen to him and obey him.

O' people! This is the last stand I make in this gathering; thus listen, and obey, and submit to the command of your Lord, for surely, Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic, is your Mawla and your God, then under Him, Mohammad His Messenger, standing and addressing you, is your Wali.

Then after me, Ali is your Wali and your Imam, by the command of Allah, your Lord.

Then Imamat shall be in my progeny from his offspring, until the Day you will meet Allah and His Messenger.

Nothing is lawful and permissible (Halaal) except what Allah has declared as Halaal; and nothing is unlawful and forbidden (Haraam) except what Allah has declared as Haraam; Allah the Mighty and the Majestic, has made known to me the Halaal and the Haraam, and I have made known to him (Ali) what my Lord has taught me of His Book, and His Halaal, and His Haraam.

O' people! There is no knowledge except that Allah has surely recorded its account in me, and I have recorded the account and details of all the knowledge that I was taught, in the "Imam of the pious" (Ali); and, there is no knowledge except that I have taught it to Ali, and he is the "Mobin (Evident) Imam". (16)

O' people! Do not stray from him, and do not flee from him, and do not arrogantly refuse his Welaayat (Wilayat, Allah-ordained authoritative lordship and guardianship); for he is who guides to the Truth and acts upon it, and crushes falsehood and forbids it; and in the cause of Allah, the blame of blamers do not hold him back.

And, He is the first to believe in Allah and in His Messenger; and he is who offered his life as a sacrifice for the Messenger of Allah; and he was with the Messenger of Allah when no one among men worshiped Allah in the company of His Messenger other than him.

O' people! Consider him superior and prefer him (over all others), for Allah has indeed preferred him, and accept him, for Allah has indeed appointed him.

O' people! He is an Imam from Allah, and Allah shall never turn to anyone (in Mercy) who denies his Wilayat, and nor shall He ever forgive him; this is a decisive decree by Allah that He shall do so to anyone who opposes His command about him, and shall torment him with the most painful torment, forever and ever, and for all times. Hence, beware lest you oppose him, then will enter Fire whose fuel is people and stones, prepared for the disbelievers. (17)

O' people! By Allah, all previous Prophets and Messengers have given the glad tidings about me. I am the Khaatam (ending seal) of the Prophets and the Messengers, and the Proof (Hojjat of Allah) over all the creatures, from the inhabitants of the heavens and the earths.

So, he who doubts this, is indeed a disbeliever, with the disbelief of the early era of Jaaheliyyat (disbelieving and polytheistic ignorance); and, he who doubts anything of this saying of Him, has indeed doubted all that is from Him; and anyone who doubts this, then Fire shall be for him.

O' people! Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic, has bestowed upon me, this virtue, as a grand favor and blessing from Him upon me, and as a kindness from Him toward me. And there is no god but He. Behold! My praise is for Him forever and ever, and for all times, and in all circumstances.

O people! Prefer Ali (over all others), for surely he is the best and most superior of the people, from men and women, after me, so long as Allah sends down His sustenance and (and so long as) the creation exists.

Away from Allah's Mercy (Mal'oon), (and again) away from Allah's Mercy (Mal'oon), under Wrath (Maghdoob) under Wrath (Maghdoob), is he who rejects this saying of mine and does not agree with it.

Behold! Certainly, Gabriel has informed me of this from Allah, the Most High, and said: “Anyone who bears enmity against Ali and refuses his Wilayat, for him shall be My La'n (away from My Mercy).” Thus, every soul should look to what he has sent forth for the tomorrow; and, Taqollah! (Be watchful of your duties towards Allah!), lest you should oppose Him and (your) foot should slip after its stability. Verily, Allah is well-aware of that you do. (18)

O' people! Surely he (Ali) is “the Janb of Allah” that is mentioned in His Book. And, He, the Exalted, says: “Lest a soul should (then) say: Alas! Woe onto me that I abused and neglected (my duties towards) the Janb of Allah.” (19)

O' People! Ponder on the Qur'an and understand its verses; and Look into it through its Mohkamaat (clear and firm verses), and do not follow its Motashaabeh (ambiguous verses); for, swear by Allah, none shall be able to clarify and explain to you its (Quran's) warnings and its mysteries, nor shall anyone clarify and describe its interpretation, other than he whom I have grasped his hand, and brought up beside myself, and lifted his arm, and I am letting you know that surely "whomever I am his Mawla (Allah-Chosen Wali and lord and Master), this Ali is his Mawla"; and he is Ali ebn AbiTaaleb, my brother, my Wasi, whose Mowaalaat (matter of attachment and adherence to Wali and Wilayat) has been sent down to me from Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic.

O' people! Verily, Ali and the pure ones from my offspring, they are the lesser Weight, and the Qur'an is the greater Weight. And each one informs about the other and agrees with it. They shall never ever part until they return to me at the Pool (of Al-kawthar on the Day of Judgment).

They (the Ahl-Ol-Bayt) are the trustees of Allah amongst His creations, and His people of wisdom on His earth.

Indeed now I have performed my duty, and indeed I have conveyed. Indeed I have made you hear, and indeed I have explained. Indeed Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic, has said, and so have I, on behalf of Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic, that there is no AmirulMo'menin (Commander of the Faithful) save this Brother of mine; the Commandership over the Believers is not Halaal after me for any one except him.

-Thereafter, Allah's Messenger (PBUH&HP) took his upper arm by his hand, raised it, and lifted him until his foot was by the Messenger's knee, and said:-

O' people! This Ali is my brother , and my Wasi, and the container of my Knowledge, and my Successor (Caliph) over my nation (Ommah), and over the interpretation of the Book of Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic, and the true inviter to Him, and the doer of what Pleases Him, and he fights His enemies, and causes adherence and attachment to His obedience, and advises against His disobedience (He is) the Successor and Caliph of the Rasool (Messenger) of Allah, and the Amir and Commander of the Believers (Mo'menin), and the guiding Imam, and the killer of the Oath-breakers (Naakethin), and the Transgressors (Qaasetin), and the Apostates (Maareqin), by Allah's Command.

I say: The word with me shall not be changed (20), by the Command of my Lord, I say: O' Allah! Be the Wali of him who adheres to him; and be the enemy of him who bears enmity against him; and La'n him who rejects him; and be wrathful towards him who denies his Right.


Notes of Part 3

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The Ghadir Sermon

Part 4

Announcing the Perfection of Religion Due to Ali's Imamat and Reminding the People of His Virtues 

O' Allah! Surely during my clarifying this and appointing him, You have sent down to me that, certainly the Imamat after me is for Ali Your Wali, therewith, You have perfected for Your servants, their religion, and You have completed Your favor and blessing upon them, and You have become Pleased of Islam (perfected by the Imamat of the Messenger's Chosen Successors) being Religion for them. (21) And You said: “If anyone seeks a religion other than Islam, never shall it be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter, he shall be one of the losers.” (22)

O' Allah! Indeed, I implore You to witness that I have certainly conveyed and delivered, and You suffice as a witness.

O' people! This is it and nothing but this, that Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic, has indeed perfected your religion through his (Ali's) Imamat (Allah Ordained Leadership). Thus, whoever does not follow him and my sons from his loins (Solb), who will take his position, until the Day of Qiyaamat (Resurrection), when deeds are presented before Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic, “Then, they are the ones whose deeds fall and become vain and fruitless in the world and the Hereafter, and they shall abide in Fire forever.”(23) “Their torment shall not be lightened, nor shall they be respited.” (24)

O' people! This is Ali, the greatest aid and help for me amongst you, the most rightful of you to me, the closest in relation with me, and the dearest to me. Both Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic, and I are pleased with him. And no verse has been sent down expressing (Allah's) Pleasedness except that (in its absolute sense) it is about him (Ali); and, nor has Allah addressed with honor, those who Believe, but that He meant him first; and, nor has any verse of praise been revealed in the Qur'an but that it is in his honor; and, nor did Allah testify to Paradise in (the Surah starting with) “has not passed over man a long period of time ...” (25) but for him; and He did not reveal it for other than him, nor did He mean to praise, by it, other than him.

O' people! He is the helper of the Religion of Allah, and the one who argues on behalf of the Messenger of Allah. And, he is the pious, the pure, the guide, and the rightly guided. And, your Prophet is the best Prophet, and the Wasi over you, is the best Wasi, and his sons are the best Awsiya (plural of Wasi).

O' people! The progeny of every prophet was from his own Solb(loins) whereas my progeny is from the Solb of Ali.

O' people! Surely, Eblis (chief evil Jinn) caused Adam to be dismissed from the Garden through jealousy. Thus, do not be jealous of him (Ali), for, your deeds shall be nullified and your feet shall slip. Verily, Adam was sent down to earth only because of one mistake, while he was Chosen by Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic; how, then, will be your condition, while you are who you are, and among you, are the enemies of Allah?!

Behold! Surely none hates Ali but a wretched person, and none keeps himself attached to Ali but a pious person, and none believes in him but a sincere Believer.

And in the honor of Ali, by Allah, was the Surah Asr revealed: “In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful. Swear to Asr (Era)! Most surely man is in loss, except those who Believe, and do Saalehaat, Righteous Deeds, and exhort each other earnestly to the Truth, and exhort each other earnestly to patience and constancy." (26)

O' people! I have sought Allah to be my witness and have conveyed my Resaalat (Mission, Messengership) to you, “and it is not upon the Messenger but to convey clearly.” (27)

O' people! “Have Taqwa (be fearful and cautious of your duties) of Allah, the Taqwa that He deserves and is His Right, and do not die except while you are Muslims.” (28)


Notes of Part 4


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The Ghadir Sermon

Part 5

Referring to the Aims of the Hypocrites 

O people! Believe in Allah and His Messenger and the Light that was sent down with him (29), “before we alter faces then turn them on their backs or La’n them (Curse them to be totally away from Mercy).” (30)

O people! The Light which is from Allah (created by Allah), the Mighty and the Majestic, has been placed in me, then in Ali ebn AbiTaaleb, then in his (selected) descendents up to Al-Qaa’em al-Mahdi, he who shall take back and re-establish the Right of Allah and all the Rights which are ours. Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic, has surely made us (His) Chosen Proofs against the neglectful, and the stubborn, and the adversaries, and the treacherous, and the sinful, and the unjust, from all worlds.

O people! I warn you that I am surely the Messenger of Allah; certainly, there have been Messengers before me who have come and gone. Then, should I die or be killed, will you turn back on your heels? And whoever turns back on his heels shall not harm Allah in the least, and Allah shall soon reward the grateful (31)

Behold! Ali is surely he who has been attributed and described with patience and gratefulness, so are after him my offspring from his Solb.

O people! Do not think that you are doing a favor to Allah by your (acceptance of) Islam, lest His Wrath should descend upon you, and (lest) He should afflict you with a Torment from Him; surely your Lord is ever-watching. (32)

O people! There shall soon be imams (leaders) after me who shall invite (people) to the Fire, and on the Day of Qiyaamat (Judgment) they shall not be helped. (33)

O people! Indeed, Allah and I both dissociate ourselves from them.

O people! They, and their supporters, and their adherents, and their followers shall be in the lowest depths of the Fire; and evil indeed, is the abode of the arrogant. (34)

Behold! These are, indeed, the Companions of the Sahifah (the document signed by hypocrites, including the immediate future imams of Fire who were implicitly mentioned by the Prophet in this Sermon); so, let each one of you look into his sahifah (document of deeds)!

-(Imam Baaqer PBUH) said: Except for a small group, the rest forgot the issue of the Sahifah.-

O people! I leave (the Authority) after me through Imamat (Divinely Ordained Leadership), inherited in my (Chosen) offspring until the Day of Qiyaamat.

And most certainly, I have conveyed what I have been commanded to convey, as a Hojjat (Divine Proof)upon everyone present or absent, and upon all, be a direct witness or not, and born or not yet born. Hence, everyone who is present should convey (this Sermon) to those who are absent, every parent should convey it to his/her children, (and they should continue to do so) until the Day of Qiyaamat.

But, they shall soon replace it (the Imamat) by kingdom and usurpation. Behold! Allah La’ns the usurpers, and the transgressing-oppressors.

And, then We will soon settle your affairs, O Thaqalaan (the two …)! (35) And, on you, shall be launched a flame of fire and (a flash of) molten brass, thus you shall never prevail.” (36)

O people! Surely Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic, does not leave you in the state you are now, until He will distinguish and separate the evil ones from the good ones. And nor has He informed you of the Ghayb (unseen). (37)

O people! There shall surely be no (wrongful) community but that Allah shall perish it due to its rejection by its people; and such is what Allah the Exalted, has mentioned (in His Book) as to how He annihilates the wrongful societies, while they are oppressors. (38)

And this is Ali, your Imam and your Wali, and these are Allah’s Promises; and verily Allah fulfills what He has Promised to him.

O people! Indeed most of the early ones before you have strayed, and surely, Allah annihilated the early ones, and He shall be He who annihilates the later ones.

Allah, the High, has stated: “Did We not destroy the former ones? So shall We follow the same for them, the later (generations). Such is how We treat the guilty. Woe on that Day to the rejecters.” (39)

O people! Surely Allah has commanded and prohibited me, and I have certainly commanded and prohibited Ali; therefore, he (Ali) has the knowledge of commandments and prohibitions from his Lord, the Mighty and the Magnificent.

Thus, listen to his (Ali's) commands so that you remain safe; and obey him so that you are guided; and leave what he prohibits so that you grow in guidance; and conform to his wishes; and do not let different paths separate you from his Path. (40)

Notes of Part 5

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To be continued …