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Khotbah (Sermon) of Imam Hassan (PBUH)


After Imam ‘Ali (PBUH) was martyred, his son and successor -Imam Hassan (PBUH)- delivered a meaningful speech.


Imam Hassan(PBUH) has said :


We are the Party of Allah who are the triumphant (1); we are the ‘Etrat of the Prophet of Allah who are the closest to him than any one else; we are the Ahl-Ol-Bayt of the Prophethood who are Infallible and immaculate from all sins and improprieties; we are the one of the two which the Prophet left with his nation in his place and said:


I leave two precious things among you, the Book of God and my ‘Etrat ... (2)


We are indeed the ones whom the Prophet called as one of the two; we are next to Qur'an, and the Prophet taught us the Knowledge of Tanzil and Ta'wil of Qur'an; in regard to the Qur'an, we talk with certainty and we do not guess the Ta'wil (original and inner meanings, secrets and …) of Qur'an, so obey us; our obedience has become incumbent upon you by Allah; Allah has made our obedience cognate with His obedience and His Prophet's obedience, and Allah has said:


O' you who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger and those charged with Authority among you (Olol-Amr) … (3)


Tonight a Man left this world whom the people before him did not precede him in good deeds and no one can approach his level of Salvation. Surely, he fought holy wars next to the Prophet and devoted himself in his cause; anywhere the Prophet sent him with his flag, the angel Gabriel moved on his right and the angel Michael on his left, and he did not return until Allah was triumphant at his hand.


He [Ali(PBUH)] left for the Everlasting world on the same night that ‘Eesa -Jesus- (PBUH) ascended to heavens, and the night that Yusha’ -Joshua- the Successor of Moosa -Moses- (PBUH) passed away. No gold and silver remained from him but 700 Derhams which were left over from his givings to others and he wanted to employ a help for his household with it ... .


Imam Hasan started to cry and so did the people …


Imam Hassan (PBUH) continued:


I am the son of the Deliverer of the Good News; I am the son of the Warner; I am the son of the Caller to Allah; I am the son of the Clear Light; I am from the Ahl-Ol-Bayt whom Allah made, loving them incumbent upon everyone:


Say: I do not ask of you any reward for it but love in my Near Relatives; and whoso earns a Good Deed We add unto its Good for him. (4)


Imam Hassan (PBUH) said: the Good Deed mentioned in this Verse, is the love for us ... .


(Montahi-Ol-Ammal; …)


Longer and more complete version of this Sermon has been narrated in Behaar-Ol-Anwaar.




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