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Fadak Sermon - II

I bear witness that, there is no god but Allah, He is one, no partner for Him;

a Kalemah (statement,… ) which He has made, sincere devotion as its Ta’wil (interpretation,… );

and assured and joined hearts by its connectivity;

and illuminated in the minds, its meaning and reasonability.

His observation by eyes, and His description by tongues, and His how-ness by imaginations, are impossible;

He has originated things, not from any material that had existed before them, and created them, not by molding and following the likes of them;

He has created them with His Might and caused them to exist according to His Will;

without having a need for their creation, and a benefit for Him, in their formation;

except for making firm, His Hekmat (Wisdom,… ), and causing awareness for His Obedience, and manifesting His Might, and Ta'abbod (veneration,… ), for His creations, and exaltation, for His invitation.

Then He set rewards, for His Obedience and punishment, for his disobedience;

to avert His Wrath from His creations, and to amass and turn them towards His Paradise.

To be continued…