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Fadak Sermon - III

And I bear witness that my father, Mohammad (PBUH&HP), is His obedient Servant and Messenger;

whom He chose, prior to sending him, and named him before creating him, and selected him before appointing him;

when creatures were still concealed in the Ghaib (Unseen,… ), and were kept in the appalling coverings, and were close to the utmost limits of non-existence.

From Allah’s - the Exalted- Knowledge of the future occurrences and consequences, and His Encompassment of the happenings of times, and His Gnosis of the places of all destined events;

Allah appointed him (Mohammad -PBUH&HP-) for completion of His Amr (decree,… ), and firm execution of His Command, and implementation of His Definite Decrees.

And he found nations sectarianized in their religions, preoccupied with their fires, and worshippers of their idols, and- despite their knowledge- deniers of Allah.

So Allah enlightened their darkness through Mohammad (PBUH&HP), and cleared away obscurities from their hearts, and uncovered their insights of dark clouds;

and he rose among people for guidance, and delivered them from misguidance, and gave them- who were in dark blindness- insight, and led them to the Right Religion, and called them towards the Straight Path.

Then, Allah took him to Himself, a loving and choosing and inclining and generous taking;

So, Mohammad is in comfort from the hardships of this world;

surely surrounded by beneficent Angels, and the Redzwaan (Satisfaction,… ) of the Merciful Lord, and the nearness of the Almighty King.

Allah has Praised my father, His Prophet, and His trusty over Divine Revelations, and His appointee and selectee from creations, and (Mohammad is whom Allah is) pleased with;

and Salaam, and Allah’s Mercy and His Blessings, be upon him.

To be continued …