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Then the Lady turned to the people and said:

O' the servants of Allah! you are the emblems of His Commands and Forbiddances, and bearers of His Religion and Divine Revelations, and Allah’s trusties among them, and His conveyers to nations.

Among you is the Authority of His Right, and a Covenant which He had brought upon you before, and the Remained, left with you;

that is Allah’s Naateq (expressive,… ) Book, and the Truthful Qur’an, and the radiant light, and the shining illumination;

its insights are clear; its secrets, revealable; its appearance, showing; its adherents, envied by others; its adherence, leads to Redzwaan (pleased-ness); its listening, directs to Salvation.

By it (Qur’an), Allah’s lightful Divine proofs and Authorities,

and His explained precepts, and His warned forbiddances, and His clear proofs, and His sufficient evidences, and his recommended virtues, and His granted permissible matters, and His written laws, are reached.

So Allah has set Belief, a purification for you from polytheism;

and Salaah (specified prayers), cleansing for you from arrogance;

and Zakaah (alms), depuration for souls and expansion for sustenance;

and Fasting, stabilization for Ekhlaas (devotion,… );

and Hajj, firmness for religion;

and justice, harmony and coherence of hearts;

and our (Ahl-Ol-Bait’s) obedience, system and discipline for religion and nation;

and our Imamate (Divinely ordained lordship), safeguard against disunity;

and Jihad, honor for Islam;

and patience, assistance for deservingness of rewards;

and enjoining goodness, for public welfare and correction;

and kindness to parents, shield against wrath;

and maintaining relations with relatives, augmentation of numbers;

and Qesaas (Islamic requital), for sparing bloods;

and faithfulness to vows, for becoming subjected to forgiveness and mercy;

and completion of weights and measures, for changing deficiencies;

and forbiddance of drinking Alcohol, for cleansing from atrocities;

and avoidance of accusations, cover against La’n (being far from Mercy);

and giving up theft, necessitation for purity and chastity.

And Allah has forbidden polytheism, for Ekhlaas (purification, devotion,… ) before Him, in His Lordship;

so “be careful of (your duty to) Allah with the care which is due to Him, and do not die unless you are Muslims.” [Qur’an, 3:103];

and obey Allah in what He has commanded and forbidden you;

and certainly it is that “Surely only those of His servants who possess Knowledge, do fear Allah.” [Qur'an, 35:29].

To be continued …