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So when Allah chose for His Prophet- whom Allah has blessed him and his progeny- the abode of His Prophets and the place of His chosen ones;

the animosity of hypocrisy became manifest among you;

and the Garment of religion became worn out;

and the subsided of the misguided spoke out;

and the anonymous of the abominated came out;

and the accepted of the adherents of falsehood, cried out;

then showed off, in your arenas.

And Satan raised his head from his hiding place , calling you;

so he found you, responsive to his invitation;

and attentive to him, in deceits;

then he aroused you, and found you easy;

and provoked you, then found you rageful.

So, you branded, other than your camel;

and entered, other than your water drinking-place.

All this! while the Covenant was near (not much time had passed);

and the cut was still wide open;

and the wound, not yet healed;

and the Messenger was not yet buried!

And hastily, you pretended to be afraid of Fetnah (conspiracy, trial, revolt,… );

surely in Fetnah, they have fallen down; and certainly Hell encompasses the unbelievers” [Qur’an, 9:49]

This was beyond you! And how could you?! “To where, are you being turned?” [Qur’an, 6:96,… ]

While the Book of Allah is among you;

its issues are clear; and its precepts, brilliant; and its signs, luminous; and its forbiddances, evident; and its commands, obvious;

and surely you have cast it behind your backs!

Do you want to turn away from, and oppose it?!

Or do you judge and decide based upon, other than it?!

Evil is this exchange, for the Unjust.” [Qur’an, 18:51]

And whosoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter, he shall be among the losers.” [Qur’an, 3:86]

Then you did not wait long, so that the stampede may become calm, and its bridle, under control;

you then, started to arouse its blazes, and incite its flamers;

and have responded to the call of the deviated Satan;

turning off the lights of the brilliant Religion;

and obliterating the Sunan (Divine traditions, doings and sayings) of the chosen Prophet.

You have concealed sips, under froth, and walked, secretly and abjectly deceitful, against his (Prophet’s) Ahl and offspring;

and we have been patient with you, (it feels) like sharp knives, and spears in abdomen!

And now, you claim that there is no inheritance for us!

Is it the judgment of (the times of) ignorance that they seek?! And who is better than Allah to judge, for people with Certitude (Yaqin)?” [Qur’an, 5:51]

So do you not know?!

Yes! it is obvious to you, just like the bright sun, that surely I am his daughter.

To be continued…