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Fadak Sermon – VII

O' Muslims! Should I be overcome, in regard to my inheritance?!

O' (Abu-Bakr) son of Abi-Qohafah! Is this in the Book of Allah that you inherit from your father and I do not inherit from my father?!

Indeed you have brought something strange![Qur’an, 19:28]

Have you then deliberately forsaken the book of Allah and thrown it behind your backs, where it has said:

And Solaymaan (Solomon) inherited Daawood (David)”?! [Qur’an, 27:17]

And (where) it has said in the narrating of the tidings about Zakaryya (Zachariah), when he said (to Allah):

"So, grant me from You (Your Ladon), a Successor who shall inherit me, and inherit from the family of Ya’qoob (Jacob)”?! [Qur’an, 19:6&7]

And (where) it has said:

In the Book of Allah, kindred blood-relatives, some have more priority than others”?! [Qur’an, 8:76]

And (where) it has said:

Allah instructs you (regarding your inheritance) concerning your children, for the male, the equivalent of the portion of two females”?! [Qur'an, 4:12]

And (where) it has said:

"If a person has left wealth, the bequeathment is for parents and close relatives, based on the Ma’roof (commanded by Allah); an obligation upon the pious.”?! [Qur’an, 2:181]

And you claim that there is no share for me, and no inheritance from my father, and no blood relationship between us!!!

So, has Allah made you specific, through a Verse which He has excluded my father from?!!!

Or are you saying that the adherents to two faiths, do not inherit from one another? And were, my father and I, not from the adherents to one faith?!!!

Or are you more knowledgeable to the specifics and generals of Qur'an than my father and my cousin (Ali)?!!!

So here you are (Abu-Bakr), take it! Bridled and saddled;

it shall encounter you on the day of your arising (from death).

Then, Allah is the best Judge; and Mohammad (PBUH&HP), (the best) claimant; and Qiaamah (Judgment Day), (the best) meeting place;

and on the Hour, "the adherents to the falsehood, shall lose" [Qur'an, 25:28]

And it will not benefit you then, when you shall regret.

"And for every (piece of prophesied) information, there is a time and place." [Qur'an, 6:68]

And you will know, to whom shall come Chastisement and Torment which will disgrace him and the everlasting Chastisement and Torment shall be inflicted upon him.” [Qur’an, 11:40]

Then she turned to the Ansaar (people of Medina who had hosted and supported the Mohaajerin (Migrants) from Mecca to Medina), and said:

O' the group of remaining ones, and the arm of religion, and the supporters of Islam!

What is this connivence and overlooking, in regard to my right, and (this) drowsiness, at the injustice being done to me?!!!

Did not the Rasool (Messenger and Apostle) of Allah -my father- used to say that “a man is upheld in his offspring”?

How quick, you have done this, and how soon, have rushed into it!!!

While, you have the capability (to help me) in that which I attempt, and the power (to help me) in that which I seek, and endeavor for!

Do you say that Mohammad (PBUH&HP) has passed away?

While this is a great calamity;

extensive is, its rift;

and its rupture, has widen;

and its closed, have opened;

and the earth has become darkened, from his absence;

and stars have become eclipsed, from his grief;

and hopes have turned to despairs;

and mountains have abased;

and the Sanctity, was damaged;

and respects, were abolished, after his death.

So, I swear by Allah, this has been the greatest affliction, and the grandest calamity;

no affliction, like this;

and no calamity in the world (like this);

Allah’s -Great is His Praise- Book -in your homes, in your mornings and evenings, and reciting and reading, calling and loudly- has declared this;

and surely before him (Mohammad -PBUH&HP-) this has fallen upon His Prophets and Messengers;

a sure decree, and a definite ordainment;

And Mohammad is but a Messenger; surely Messengers before him have passed away, so if he dies or is killed, will you turn on your heels? And whoever turns on his heels, he shall never Harm Allah the least, and Allah shall reward the grateful.[Qur’an, 3:145]

To be continued…