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Amir-Ol-Mo'menin(Amirul Momineen)(PBUH)has said:

"When Qaa'em comes out, the sky will rain and the greens will grow the way they are supposed to ... ."



It is quite expected in a society where and infallible and benevolent management exists and human knowledge has reached its peak, problems such as pollution and misusage of land, air, water and other resources -which contribute to abnormal environmental phenomena such as destruction of day Ozone layer in atmosphere, rising of earth temperature, melting of the north pole's ice, stronger and more destructive hurricanes, earthquakes, Tsunami and alike- will be solved to some extent and therefore, nature will be more balanced. In such a society, it is scientifically expected that rainfalls will improve and as a result, agriculture will too. But a very important factor which is often overlooked, is God's Omnipotence.

Many times we have observed that it is predicted that for example rain shall fall and all factors are in place for such a forecast but it won't happen; a hurricane is moving towards a destiny but for an unknown reason, it changes its direction and many other examples like these.

It is true that God has created things to usually operate in an orderly manner but the fact that there is a deciding power watching over everything can not be denied and the usual order of everything should not cause us to take God's power for granted.

Verses of Qur'an and statements of Mohammad and his progeny(PBUT) clearly indicate that bestowal of Divine blessings at time of Mahdi -when justice will rule and therefore, descent behavior will surface- shall be at levels hard to imagine for us because we have never experienced such a harmony and beauty before.

God has promised this through all His Prophets -Adam to Mohammad (PBUT)- and God never breaks a promise.