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On the advent of Ramadan the Prophet (PBUH) had a beautiful sermon about the month ahead.

After the Prophet (PBUH)finished talking, he cried and Imam Ali (PBUH) asked:" What is making you cry"? the Prophet(PBUH)responded:”Oh' Ali I am crying for that which is going to happen to you in this month .I can clearly see you while you are praying and prostrating to the Creator,at that time your face and beard shall turn bloody red from a strike on your head by the most wicked man who ever lived .Then Imam Ali asked :"Oh the Prophet of God !Will my religion and beliefs be on the right path ?The Prophet responded:"Yes,your religion shall be on the right path."

If we wish to be considered followers of Ali and his infallible offsprings ,our the most important wish is ,to be in the same path that Ali was.