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We wish to offer our
warmest felicitations on the auspicious occasion of the birth
anniversary of the eighth Divine successor of the Prophet
Mohammad(PBUH&HP), Imam Reza (PBUH).The Sunnah (doings and
sayings) of the most perfect creation of God -Mohammad- has been
kept alive through his God-chosen infallible successors. One time
Imam Reza was traveling with a group of people. At the time of
eating, imam Reza sat at the same table with the poor, with the
servants, with the black and white. A man asked Imam Reza : would
it not be better if they sat on a different table? Imam Reza
replied:Absolutely not, We are all people of the same God, we are
all children of the same father and mother(Adam & Eve) and
rewards are based upon our deeds only (not based on social
status, nationality,color,race,...).

Mohammad and his progeny have originally taught
these valuable and everlasting lessons over one thousand years
ago. It is so sad that humankind has not yet grown to truly
comprehend these profound and eternal values.