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We extend our most sincere felicitations to Imam Mahdy (May Allah hasten his Appearance) on the blessed occasion of his aunt's birth anniversary and to you.

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On Jamadi-Ol-Awwal the fifth, year 5or 6 A.H., Lady Fatima (PBUH) gave birth to a baby girl. When this child -the grand daughter of the Prophet- was born, the Angel Gabriel was sent to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) with a special message from Allah; in part of this heavenly message, Gabriel carried the Allah-chosen name of the Prophet's granddaughter. The celestial chosen name was Zaynab. In Arabic, Zaynab means she who makes her father look good. Being a beautiful manifestation of her father -the Amir-Ol-Mo'menin, Ali (PBUH)- was a critical responsibility which Zaynab (PBUH) carried out so perfectly. Every time Lady zaynab (PBUH) spoke, friends and enemies confessed that it was as if Ali (PBUH) was talking. Lady Zaynab (PBUH) gracefully held her head up throughout all the headships which the oppressors caused her and her family, i.e. Mohammad's progeny (PBUT). The Prophet Mohammad's progeny have always had only one goal in their minds and that has been to please Allah and to uphold the religion of Allah which is the most perfect way of living for humankind so that humankind may never lose the celestial path towards eternal and blissful life and with this heavenly goal in their pure hearts and minds, they have always patiently and strongly tolerated sufferings. If it has not been for their sacred devotion, you and we had no way of knowing the Truth; they have kept the Truth alive and the prices they have paid, been their lives. Lady Zaynab (PBUH) on the one hand was as gentle and graceful as a flower and on the other hand, she was as firm and strong as a mountain. Lady Zaynab is a perfect role-model for every women on earth, for ever.
We celebrate the day in which Allah blessed existence by presence of a Lady such as Zaynab. To commemorate this precious blessing, we try to get to know Lady Zaynab and her way and to follow her foot steps and we pray from the bottom of our hearts for the Appearance of the last reminder of this most blessed progeny; Imam Mahdy (PBUH) has said that the sufferings of his aunt Zaynab, has broken his heart into pieces and his eyes into tears of blood. With the Appearance of Mahdy (PBUH) and therefore, the Sovereignty of Divine justice and beauty upon earth, all tears shall be wiped away; May Allah hasten that wonderful day ... .