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12 Successors and the Sunni Belief

The Shia'h scholar: According to Hadith books, the prophet (PBUH&HP) by God's command had personally introduced the successors after himself. The prophet (PBUH&HP) has said: Like the chiefs of Bani Esrail (1) in number, my successors are 12 too and all of them from Qoraish. (2 A&B)

(Sunni Documents: Sahih Moslem, Mosnad Ahmad Hanbal, Sonan Abi Dawood, Yanabi al-Mawaddah, Kanz-Ol-Ummal, Mawaddah Qorba, Masnad Abu-Dawood Tialesi, ...)

King: Has the prophet said this Hadith?

King's minister: Yes, Sir.

King: Who are those 12 successors?

The Sunni scholar: It is obvious that four of them are Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and Ali.

King: Who are the rest of them?

The Sunni Scholar: There are disagreements among scholars about whom are the rest of them.

King: List their names for me.

The Sunni scholar kept quite and did have no answer.

The Shia'h scholar: O' Majesty, according to Sunni documents the Prophet had introduced every single one of them. I list them for you.They are: Ali, Hassan, Hossain, Ali , Mohammad, Ja'far, Musa, Ali, Mohammad, Ali, Hassan, Mahdi (PBUT).

(Sunni Documents: Yanabi al-Mawaddah, Faraed Al-Samtin, Tazkere-Sebt-Ebn-Jozi, maqtal Kharazmi, Menhaj-Ol-Fazelin, ...) (2)


1-(Qur'an, Surah Maa'edah, verse 12)

2- A) The Prophet(PBUH&HP) has said: after me, there shall be 12 caliphs. Then the Prophet lowered his voice and continued:

All of them shall be from Bani-Haashem (children of Haashem, the great grandfather of the prophet)

Sunni document:(Mawaddat Al-Qorba, Yanaabi Ol-Mawaddah)



B)The Prophet has said: God exclusively chose Kananah from the descendants of Ismael; God exclusively chose Qoraish from the descendants of Kananah; Allah exclusively chose Bani-Haashem from Qoraish; Allah exclusively chose me from Bani-Haashem.

Sunni documents:( Sahih Moslem)


3-One day that the Prophet (PBUH&HP) was talking about Me'raaj (heavenly Ascension), said:

Allah said: O' Mohammad! I have created you and Ali and Fatima and Hassan and Hossain and the Imamas from the descendants of Hassoin, from a Shabah of my Light and I have presented your “walayat” to the beings of the heavens and the earth; so who ever accepted your “walayat became of the Believers and who ever denied became of the Unbelievers. O' Mohammad ! Would you like to see them? The Prophet (PBUH&HP) responded yes, my Lord. Allah continued: look to the right hand side of the Arsh. The Prophet (PBUH&HP) looked; he said: I saw Ali, Fatima, Hassan, Hossain, Ali son of Hossain, Mohammad son of Ali, Ja'far son of Mohammad, Mosa son of Ja'far, Ali son of Mosa, Mohammad son of Ali, Ali son of Mohammad, Hassan son of Ali and Mahdi, who were standing like stars in the light.

Sunni documents: (Maqtal Kharazmi, Faraaed Ol-Samtin, Yanaabi-Ol-Mawaddah,...)