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A Debate between Imam Kazem and Haroon over Boundaries of Fadak

Fadak was a fertile land in Hejaz which the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) had bestowed to his daughter Fatima (PBUH&HP). The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) had repeatedly emphasized on Fatima's ownership of Fadak as part of the Ahl-Ol-Bait's rights; this is why when Abu-Bakr and Omar forcefully took the Fadak away from Lady Fatima (Sunni documents: Sahih Bukhari,...), they confessed that if they gave Fadak back to Fatima, they had to give the ruler-ship (caliphate) to Ali, too. That which those usurpers of caliphate did not understand was that the Divinely ordained leadership (Imamat) which was bestowed upon Ali and his infallible descendants (PBUT) was a celestial bestowal which no one could usurp; they might have forcefully taken the ruler ship of the Islamic society away from the infallible Imams (PBUT), but the infallible Imams kept on ruling over the hearts and souls of true Believers. The issue of Fadak remained unsolved and always attached to the issue of Caliphate.

This is important to remember that Caliphate, i.e. The external ruler-ship of the society is only one executive aspect of Imamat, which has been taken away from the infallible Imams and as a result, humankind have been suffering from injustice, ever since. Both the Bani-Omayah and Bani-Abbas rulers knew themselves that they were the usurpers of Caliphate and that the rightful rulers were the infallible Imams.

Let us read together a private conversation which Haroon, a Bani Abbas rulers, had with the seventh infallible Imam of the Ahl-Ol-Bait and let us pay attention to the point that when Haroon asked the Imam about the boundaries of Fadak, the Imam responded by declaring the boundaries of Fadak as the whole territory of Islamic government at that time; also, let us not forget that Haroon was the one who finally martyred the seventh Imam (PBUH).


Haroon: Clarify the Fadak's boundaries so that I may return it to you.

Imam refrained from giving a reply and Haroon continually insisted on an answer.

Imam Musa Kazem (PBUH): I will not say soo unless by its true extent.

Haroon: What are its true boundaries?

Imam (PBUH): If I tell its true boundaries, surely you will not agree.

Haroon: I swear to the right of your grandfather,The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP), ( I will give it!)

Imam (PBUH): But the first boundary of that land is Aden!

When Haroon heard this his countenance changed and said: “You do not say, you do not say!...”

Imam (PBUH): And its second boundary is Samargand!

The traces of uneasiness became more apparent in Haroon's face.

Imam (PBUH): And the third boundary is Africa!

Here! Haroon's face grew black with rage while he said: “You do not say ... !”

Imam (PBUH): And the fourth boundary is the shores of the Caspian sea and Armenia!!

Haroon: Then nothing remains for us, get up and come sit in my place and rule over the people, (what you have said is the entire extent of the Islamic world.)

Imam (PBUH): I told you that if I determined its boundaries you would never give it.


This meaningful tradition is clear proof of the intermingling of the matter of Fadak with that of the Caliphate. If Haroon wished to turn over Fadak he had to really turn over the Caliphate back to the rightful successors of the Prophet Mohammad(PBUH&HP).

This very matter made him realize it possible that whenever Imam Musa Kazem (PBUH) attained power he could pull him down from the throne of the Caliphate. Therefore, Haroon decided to go ahead with his original plan and martyred the Imam.

Finally with the Appearance of Mahdi(PBUH) -the last true successor of the Prophet- this long lasting usurpation shall be over and the world would be ruled by an infallible and Divine ruler, chosen by God ... .