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Let us share the sad moment of losing another infallible Imam, another star from the sky of walayat and let us also share the hope of the RISING OF THE FINAL STAR . ... Please refer to Special Occasions or click on read more.

Imam Ali son of Mohammad , the 10th infallible Imam, was also martyred just like his fathers(PBUT). After his martyrdom, he was buried in his home in Saamerra -the Haram which was recently destroyed- on Rajab the third, year 254 A.H.
During the imam's life time, 7 different Abbasi rulers ruled over the Islamic territories. the people were under so much pressure from the rulers that they lived with fear and therefore, their connection to the imam was very limited; in order to even further limit this connection, the oppressive regime -forcefully- brought the imam from Medina to Saamerra which was the center of the government and the imam was under a close watch.
The Banni Abbas rulers knew that the imam, just like his fathers, ruled over the people' hearts and souls even though he was kept away from the people and this fact caused them to be afraid and worried; thus, they finally decided to poisoned the Imam. But they knew that the imams always continued to rule people's hearts even after their departure from this world, so their fear forced them to pretend that they were sad from the Imam's demising; they carried the Imam's body throughout the city and in front of the people's eyes, they prayed over his body so that the people may believe their pretended sincerity;but imam Hassan Asgari had already performed the special burial prayer over his father's body before the body was taken out the house. So many grieving people were present in the streets that the rulers became more afraid and they return the body to the Imam's house and buried him; the house had become a sacred Haram for those who love the Prophet and his Ahl-Ol-Bait (PBUT).
the reason for the destruction of holy Harams through history has always been the same old feeling of fear and insecurity !!!