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The invalidity of Three Caliph

Sunni scholar: (to the king)O' Majesty! This man (the Shiah scholar) does not consider Osman as a successor of the popular rather he only considered him as a ruler.

Shia'h scholar: Yes, Osman was not a caliph (successor of the Prophet).

King: why and for what reason?

Shia'h scholar: Because the Shia'h consider the foundation upon which the Caliphate of all the three , Abu-Bakr, Omar, Othman, was based, as unjust and invalid.

King: How come? I do not understand!

Shia'h scholar: because Othman gained power by a six member council that elected by Omar and furthermore just 2 or 3 persons chose him and all members of council did not select him.

Thus, the legality of Othman caliphate is in accordance to Omar's opinion. [not the Allah's and Prophet's]; on the other hand Omar himself was selected by Abu-Bakr at his death bed! Therefore the legality of Omar caliphate was also only based on Abu-Bakr suggestion. [not the Allah's and Prophet's]; and Abu-Bakr himself was selected oppressively by a small group .[The Prophet(PBUH&HP), during his life time had announced Ali's divinely bestowed successorship repeatedly and formalized it at Ghadir. After the prophet's demising , while his sacred body was not even buried yet and Ali and the Ahl-Ol-Bait were at his side , Abu bakr and Omar and a few other in Saqifeh deceived people and usurp the successorship.] Last but not least, the legality of Abu-Bakr's caliphate was based on force and weapons.[not based on Allah and the Prophet]. For this reason Omar-in regard to Abu-Bakr- said: “Surely, people's swearing with Abu-Bakr was an uncalculated and evil-causing move, the same as ignorant action done before Islam. May God protect Muslim from the evil of such actions and from now on, whoever is selected in this manner, kill him.”(Sunni Documents: Mosnad Ahmad Hanbal, Sahih Bukhari, Tarikh Tabari, Almelal wa Nehal- Shahrestani, Sawaaegh Ebn Hajar, Tarikh Ebn Kasir, Kanz Omaal,...)

In addition Abu-Bakr himself has said:”Leave me alone; with Ali among you, I surely am not the best of you and do not deserve this status” (Sunni Documents: Al Imam wa Siyasah- Ebn Qoteibieh, Kanz Omaal, Sharh Tajrid-Qooshchi, Tarikh Tabari, ...). For these reasons the Shi'ah believe that the Caliphate of those three were unjust and invalid.

King: (to his minister) Are the things which the Shiah scholar said true?

King's minister: Yes, the historians have narrated so.

King: So, why do we respect these three persons?

King's minister: because we follow our fathers and deceased ancestors.

Shia'h scholar: O' majesty, ask from your minister, is it correct to follow the Right Path or the path of our fathers and relatives?!!is n't following the ancestors exactly the opposite of following the right path and is it not applicable to this Quranic verse?

... surely, we found our father's following a certain religion; and we will certainly follow in their footsteps.

(Qur'an, Surah Zokhrof, verse 23)

[On the day when their faces shall be turned back into the fire ,they shall say: "Woe to us! Would that we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the Messenger!"

And they would say: "Our Lord! We obeyed our chiefs and our old ones, so they led us astray from the right path;

O' Our Lord! give them double torment and withhold Your Mercy from them, Damn them, a Mighty Damn.]



[Sunni documents: Debates of Baghdad scholars [the Sunni compiler of this book was a fifth century A.H. Scholar from the Abbasi court and he was himself present in the debates between Shia'h and Sunni scholars gathered in this book.]