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One day Abbas [the Prophet's uncle] son of Abd-Ol-Motalleb [the Prophet's grandfather], Yazid son of Qa'nab and a group from bani-Haashem and a few from the Banni-Ghora trip were sitting by the Ka'bah. Suddenly Fatima daughter of Asad entered the Masjid-Ol-Haraam while she was nine months pregnant . Then she stood in front of Ka'bah and looked at the sky and said:

O' Lord! I believe in You and in every messenger whom You have sent and in every Books which you have bestowed; I have accepted what my great ... grandfather -Ibrahim, who built Ka'abah- has said. Thus, for the sake of this sacred house, for the sake of he who built this house, for the sake of the child who is in my womb and talk to me and comforts me -the child whom I am certain that he is a sign of your Greatness and Glory-, I request of You that You make this delivery a simple one.

Abbas and Yazid said that when she finished praying, the wall of Ka'bah miraculously opened she entered Ka'bah through the rift and disappeared, then the wall closed behind. We tried to open the door of the Ka'bah but failed, we understood that Divine will was at work there. Fatima stayed inside of Ka'bah for 3 days. As the 4th day approached, the same rift opened again and she came out with her child in Arms.