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In bidding farewell to the glorious month of Ramadan, Imam Sajjad (PBUH)has implored Allah in the most touching and meaningful manner; he has actually taught us to do the same:


... O' Allah! we repent to You in our Day of Fetr -which You have appointed it for the Believers, an Eid and festival and a joy, and for the people of Your creed, a time of assembly and gathering- of every misdeed we did, ill work we sent ahead, or evil thought we secretly conceived; the repentance of o­ne who does not harbor in his mind a return to sin and who afterwards will not go back to offense; an unswerving repentance, rid of doubt and wavering. So accept it from us, be pleased with us, and make us steadfast in it [in Our repentance]... .


(Sahifah Sajjadiyah; For the complete text of this supplication click here)


Let us open our hearts; as if, in Fetr Eve, the Angels are picking the shining and silvery stars and arranging a blue basket of Peace and decorating it with the white ribbon of Hope and offering this celestial basket, o­n glorious Eid of Fetr, to all hearts who love Mohammad and his progeny (PBUT) and Anticipate Mahdi, the manifestation of Divine Love and Justice.                


Eid-Ol-Fetr Mobarak