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A debate between a Christian scholar and Imam Reza(PBUH)

Part 2

Then Imam Reza (PBUH) turned to Ra'sol-Jaaloot (Jewish scholar)and said : have you noticed the following issue regarding some children of Israel youth, in Torah?! During the war of Bait-Ol-Moqaddas (Jerusalem), Nebuchadnezzar (Bokht-Ol-Nasr) had chosen a group of the war prisoners and taken them to Babylon . Then Allah sent His prophet to those killed and brought them back to life; this is in Torah, any one who denies it, is a disbeliever.


Ra'sol-Jaaloot: we have heard this and we know it.

 Imam Reza (PBUH): That is correct, now pay attention! Am I reading this book of Torah, correctly?

 Then Imam Reza (PBUH) recited some verses of Torah. (*2) Ra'sol-Jaaloot in astonishment shook his body. Then he turned to Gaathliq and asked: were these before Jesus or after?

 Gaathliq: They were before Jesus.

 Imam Reza (PBUH): Also,The Qoraish came to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) and requested the Prophet to raise their dead. The Prophet (PBUH&HP)said to Imam Ali (PBUH): Go to the desert with them and call out the names of their dead, loudly and said : Mohammad the Prophet of Allah says, rise by Allah's permission! They all rose and dusted off. Then the Qoraish asked some questions from them and said: Mohammad has become the Prophet . They said: we wish that we could have seen him and believed in him.

Imam Reza (PBUH)continued: The Prophet also healed the blind, leprous and mad; he spoke to animals, birds, jinns and devils, too ; but we do not consider Mohammad (PBUH&HP) Allah and at the same time, we do not deny the vitreous of these Prophets (PBUT). You who consider Jesus God, must also consider Yasa' and Hezqil (Ezekiel) as God; because they also raised the dead, and performed other miracles like Jesus did.



(*2)Based on the Bible Encyclopedia, the original Torah written by Moses(PBUH) was given, by Moses, to the priests to be protected; the original Torah was put in the Ark of the Covenant and once every seven years, it was taken out to be read by the priests and heard by the children of Israel; after the reading, the Torah was again put in the Ark and protected; during the years -from Prophet Moses to Prophet Solomon (PBUT)- the children of Israel sometimes believed and other times disbelieved. Based on Bible, Old Testament, book of 1 kings, chapter 8, statement 9, when the Prophet Salomon (PBUH) opened the Ark of the Covenant, the Torah of Moses was missing; the only things found in the Ark of the Covenant were the two “Tables of stones”. Based on Bible, Old Testament, book of Deuteronomy, chapter 5, statement 22, the only things written on the two “Tables of stones”, were the ten Commandments. Therefore, from the Old-Testament itself, it is proven that the original Torah -written by Moses (PBUH)- was lost before the Prophet Solomon's (PBUH) kingdom (between 971 B.C. to 931 B.C.). History indicates that the books introduced as Torah, hundreds of years later, were written by the priests and were not the original Torah; those hundreds of years were more than enough time for human distortions. Also in the centuries after Moses (PBUH), many wars in Jerusalem -such as the wars by “Nebuchadnezzar”, the king of Babylon- often resulted in total destruction of books and writings.

In spite all distortions and changes, there are still traces of the Truth found in the distorted Torah, today. Imam Reza (PBUH) recited some verses of Torah which were undistorted at the time and to them, he proved his points; the light of God always shines through ...