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Imam Reza’s (SBUH) birth anniversary


The eighth star of the glorious sky of Imamat- Imam Reza (SBUH)- started to shine on earth, on the eleventh of Dhyl-Qa'dah year 153 A.H., in the city of Medina. Imam Reza (SBUH) was taken against his will, to Khoraasaan by Ma'moon, the Abbasi caliph of the time who finally martyred the Imam.


In the presence of Imam Reza (SBUH)- in Khoraasaan- the title Qaa'em was mentioned, the Imam rose on his feet and placed his right hand on his head and said:


“O' Allah! Hasten his Appearance and facilitate his Emergence.”


In commemoration of Imam Reza's (SBUH) birth anniversary, let us take one green moment and ponder about this profound action of Imam Reza; he was the great great grandfather of Mahdi (SBUT), yet he anticipated with all his heart and soul, the Appearance of love's spirit and soul. How can you and we- living under the dark and stormy sky of Disappearance- not stare at the glorious horizon and anticipate the colorful rainbow of honesty, Chastity, piety, purity, humanity, prosperity and equity to appear on the blue sky of human dreams?!