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From Hell to Eternity of Aashoora - Part 1

The sun was shining above me and the heat was burning my shoulders… .From the beginning, I have been -patiently and firmly- keeping the secrets of humankind in my heart; Ah! How hard has it been to wait and Anticipate; every time that I have wished to swallow human race for things they have done, the gentle foot steps of the chosen-ones on my shoulders, reminded me that I had to wait and Anticipate… .

I am the dusty earth, the blessed one who have had the celestial opportunity to be the ground which all the chosen-ones have walked upon; my heart is where I have stored the fountain of their tears and I am the host of their immaculate bodies; O’ yes! I am so blessed and yet so heart-broken from the dark secrets of the evil-ones… .

A long time ago, when the Prophet Adam (PBUH) walked on my land of Karbala, I remember that he took a handful of me and kissed it and cried; he talked about that which was going to happen in my Karbala… .Throughout the ages, again and again, I heard from the chosen-ones the same sad melody regarding the land of Karbala; and when I heard the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) -the most beloved creation of Allah whom the heavens and I were created for- holding his little grandson, Hossain, in his kind arms and whispering that he was the Hossain of Karbala, I wanted to shake so hard that nothing would remain but I had Mohammad, Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Hossain (PBUT), … , on my shoulders; O’ Allah!it has been so hard to wait and Anticipate… .

That day I knew not how was I to feel; that day, I was the ground which the caravan of Imam Hossain (PBUH) and his companions, were traveling upon; I wished that I could rearrange my map and relocate my Karbala and place it on the other side of oceans, so far away where that caravan could never get to; but… .

In one of the resting places, not so far away from Mecca, Imam Hossain (PBUH) asked his companions to take additional water from me, much more than what they needed until their next stop; I wondered why?!

The caravan was continuing the journey under the sun above; looking into Hossain’s eyes, it was as if I could see the entire history of humankind which I had stored in my heart, those eyes were as vast as existence itself; I could not believe my dusty eyes! Was that the Prophet?! No, that was Ali-Akbar, the son of Imam Hossain (PBUT); O’ my Lord! He looked so much like the Prophet (PBUH&HP)!

Suddenly I felt a trembling on my shoulders which was caused by hundreds of horses coming towards the caravan; who were they?

The Imam asked his companions to stop until those men on horses, would reach them. They were coming from Kufah; Horr -a top officer of Obaidullah son of Zyyad,the ruler of Kufah- and 1000 men; the mouths of those men and their horses’ too, were as dry as I was, they were so thirsty; that kind Imam -he who was the manifestation of the Prophet’s kindness, benevolence, fairness,… - gently asked his companions to give water to those men and their horses, too and he himself gave water to one of them who was thirstier than others and had fallen behind; I knew then that Hossain -who with his Divine Knowledge, knew- had taken those additional waters for his enemies! I felt smaller than my smallest sand, in the presence of all that greatness… .

To be continued…