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The moments of the month of Rabi'-O-Ththaani are passing us one at a time, but the Heavenly fragrance of Imam Hasan Askari (PBUH) is touching, ever so gently and kindly, the hearts and souls of Believers and Anticipators, for, he was born in this month, and has therefore made this month beautiful and unforgettable ever since.

To commemorate this Heavenly touch, we are honored to narrate a priceless Hadith from this Infallible Imam (PBUH).

Ahmad son of Es-haaq said that one day he had gone to visit Imam Hasan Askari (PBUH) while he was planning to inquire about the Successor and Imam after that Hadrat; he said that the Imam started to speak himself and said:

O' Ahmad son of Es-haaq! Surely Allah -Exalted and Glorified be He- since the creation of Adam and until Qiyaamat, has never left and never will leave the earth without Hojjat (Proof) of Allah upon creations; through and by the Hojjat of Allah, afflictions and trials are warded off from the inhabitants of earth, and the rain falls and the bounties of earth are brought forth.

Ahmad son of Es-haaq said that he then asked, so who would the Hojjat of Allah be after him; then the Imam (PBUH) rushed in the inner part of the house and returned soon after that, with a three year old attractive son on his shoulders who had a bright and lightful face, and said:

O' Ahmad son of Es-haaq! If you were not dear to Allah and His Proofs, I would have never shown this son to you; he has the same name and Koniah [a title starting with either Ab or Om] of the Rasool of Allah (PBUH&HP), he shall fill the earth with Justice and Equity as it has been filled with injustice and inequity.

O' Ahmad! His parable in this Ommat [nation] is the parable of Khedr and Dhol-Qarnain, he shall have an Occultation in which no one will be saved from perdition unless he whom Allah has kept steadfast in confessing and believing in his Imamat, and has blessed him with prayer and supplication for acceleration of his Faraj [Emergence].

Ahmad son of Es-haaq said that he then asked for a sign so that his heart would be assured and peaceful. But it was the child who responded and spoke in the most perfect and eloquent Arabic, and said:

I am the Baqiyat-O-llah [Remained by Allah] upon His earth, and the Retaliator on His enemies; O' Ahmad son of Es-haaq! After seeing the exact reality, do not look for sign and clue.

(Mekyaal-Ol-Makaarem, vol. 1, p.651; …)

So many profound facts have been revealed in this precious Hadith. Firstly that the earth has never been left without a Hojjat of Allah and it never will. Secondly that all of Allah's favors and bounties have been bestowed upon the inhabitants of the earth through the Hojjat of each time; i.e. any thing we have ever had, material and spiritual, we owe it to the Hojjat of Allah! HAVE WE EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THIS?

Thirdly, while we have been given the beautiful and wonderful news that the earth will finally be filled with earthly and spiritual Justice, but we have been also told that the period of Occultation is a time of trial and hardship, and that we will not attain SALVATION unless we implore Allah to keep us steadfast and bless us with the spiritual thirst in our hearts and souls for His Hojjat moment by moment so that in these hard times, we seek his assistance and at the same time, continuously seek his Appearance from the bottom of our hearts.

This is the very Truth which today's world has lost, and as the direct result, so much dreadful injustice have prevailed in the world society, and there exists no solution but for humankind to return in the loving and benevolent arms of Walaayat (Wilayat), i.e. to embrace the Divinely ordained lordship and leadership of the Hojjat of Allah, and to reattach all the broken connections with the One and Only Creator, Allah, through the Hojjat and Imam of this era … .