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The everflow of Divine Knowledge in Ramadan



In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Surely We sent It in the Night of Qadr [Measurement, Grandeur, …].

And what makes you comprehend what the Night of Qadr is?

The Night of Qadr is more superior than a thousand months.

The angels and the Rooh [Spirit] descend therein, by the Permission of their Lord, regarding every Amr [Decree, Command, affair, …].

Salaam it is, till the rising of the dawn.


Qur’an, Surah Qadr (97)


In looking carefully at the words in this Surah of the Majid Qur’an, it is observed that in regard to the descent of angels and the Rooh, a past tense verb is not used, rather the verb “Tanazzalo [descend]” is used which is in present tense and thus indicates a continuous descension; i.e. not only the angels came to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) in the Nights of Qadr during his lifetime, but this process is still going on in every Night of Qadr. But towards whom, the angels are descending?


In the Tafsir of Qommi it has been narrated that the angels and the Rooh-Ol-Qodos descend upon the Imam of Time and present him with that which has been written about this Ommat (Nation).


In Behaar-Ol-Anwaar, Tafsir Noor-O-Ththaqalayn and …, it is narrated from Imam Baaqer (PBUH) that Allah (SWT) created the Night of Qadr first, and created in that Night, the first Prophet and the first Wasi, and He set it so that in every year there would be a certain Night in which the interpretation of all affairs would be revealed. Then he (PBUH) said that anyone denying this, actually had rejected the Knowledge of Allah, for, the Hojjat [Proof] of the Chosen Ones were that which would be brought to them in this Night along with the Proofs presented by Jebra’il.


Imam (PBUH) was then asked whether upon the Imams (PBUT) the angels and Jebra’il would also be sent; in response the Imam (PBUH) said that from the beginning of the creation to the end of the world there must be a Hojjat of Allah on earth, and this Amr in that Night would be sent upon him.


The Imam (PBUH) continued that he sought Allah as Witness that the angels and the Rooh were sent to Adam (PBUH) in the Night of Qadr. Then he (PBUH) swore by Allah that, Adam did not leave the world unless he set a Wasi (Successor) for himself, and that, all Prophets after Adam (PBUT) described that given to them on the Night of Qadr to their Wasies (Successors); and that, among things commanded to Prophets, from Adam to the Last, (PBUT) in the Night of Qadr was The Command of setting such and such as their Wasies.


The Imam (PBUH) then recited verse 55 of Surah Noor (24) and said that Allah in this verse had talked about the Wasies of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP), telling them that He (SWT) had Chosen them the Caliphs of His Knowledge, Religion and Worship after His Prophet (PBUH&HP), in the same manner that Adam’s Wasies after him had similar status until the next Prophet was sent, and there would be no Prophet after Mohammad (PBUH&HP), and anyone not believing in this would be of the transgressors and miscreants.


The Imam (PBUH) stated that, Allah gave the Knowledge to the Wasies of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) and that, they (the Infallible Imams) were those Caliphs and Wasies. Then the Imam (PBUH) continued that if people would ask them, the thing most people would generally not do, their (the Imams’) Knowledge would be quite obvious; but the Imam (PBUH) said that there would come a certain and special time and situation when the Religion would become manifest (the time of Appearance) , then there would be no more differences and there would be only one Amr and Command (for, the differences are due to distortions and at time of Appearance the Truth will become manifest).


The Imam (PBUH) stated that, the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) was the witness for them, and them for the Shi’ah, and the Shi’ah for the other people; and that, there absolutely was no contrast in the Knowledge of the Religion.


Imam Mohammad Baaqer (PBUH) has also said:


Present this Surah [Qadr] as a decisive argument for the continuity of the divine Vicegerency on the earth.


In response to the question of Hafs son of Ghiyaath who had referred to verse 185 of Surah Baqarah (2) -in which it is stated that Ramadan was the month when Qur’an was sent-, and had asked how could that be while Qur’an was sent during a period of over twenty years, Imam Saadeq (PBUH) has said:


The entire Qur’an at one time was sent in the month of Ramadan to the Bayt-Ol-Ma’moor; and then It was gradually sent over twenty years.


Then the Imam (PBUH) continued that the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HP) had stated:


The Sohof of Ibrahim was sent in the first night of Ramadan, and Torah in the sixth night of Ramadan, and Enjil in the thirteenth night of Ramadan, and Zaboor in the eighteenth night and Qur’an was sent in the twenty third.


(Osool of Kaafi, vol 2, p 628; Man Laa Yahzorohol Faqeeh of Sadooq, vol 2, p 159, H 2026; …)


And truly the Sohof, Torah, Zaboor and Enjil were sent on the very same month of Ramadan which we, the Muslims observe, ; here we are going to present a statement from a Christian scholar indicating that lunar months were always the base of religious events, and later, as a tool for distortions, the concept of lunar months were forsaken or presented as insignificant, but as we see it is so important to observe the lunar months so that the Truth along with all its blessings may not be forgotten and forsaken all together, until the time when finally the Truth will Appear.


"The Christian calendar has so far departed from the Bible that there is no need to examine it. It is a solar calendar with artificial months having more to do with the Roman emperors than with the phases of the moon. The Jewish calendar is more problematical. … That the rabbinical calendar is post-biblical is clear even without a detailed examination of its history, going back to Hillel II. The fact that two thousand years ago there were several competing calendar systems within Judaism speaks for itself. All of them claimed to be Biblical, and none of them are precisely the same as the Jewish calendar presently in use. … The Islamic calendar consists of twelve lunar months in one year, established by the sighting of the moon. The Jewish calendar adds a thirteenth month on certain years and does not rely absolutely on the sighting of the moon for the beginning of each month. … The Bible mentions only twelve months, and the months are established by the sighting of the moon. … The Islamic calendar can be defended on the basis of the fact that out of the scores of dates mentioned in the Bible, including all twelve months of the year, there is no date for any event during a thirteenth month. The thirteenth month is completely unknown to the Biblical record of dates. … There is no mention of a thirteenth month in the Bible … so we are justified in assuming a year of twelve months for the Biblical year. There are a few texts in the Bible mentioning the new moon, but Psalm 81:3 is most important for establishing the process of sighting and broadcasting the arrival of the new moon. 'Blow up the trumpet in the new moon, in the time appointed, on our solemn feast day.' The necessity for giving the signal shows that the new moon was established not by any calculation, but by sight." (Thomas McElwain, from the book "Islam in the Bible")


For more information in this regard, we cordially invite our friends to read the article: “Truth behind other so-called Christian occasions - part II”, in this site:


Therefore, truly the Allah-Chosen month of Ramadan has been the blessed month in which ever since the creation of Adam (PBUH) the Divine Knowledge has been flowing from Heavens down to earth, and this glorious process is still ongoing.


Let us not forget that it is upon our beloved Imam Mahdi (PBUH) that the Divine Knowledge is being bestowed in this Ramadan; May the Allah-Willing very soon to occur date of his wonderful Emergence be among the Flowing Knowledge of this Night of Qadr.