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Pigeons of his sacred Shrine

Part 1


In The Name of Allah, the Sender of the Prophets and the Appointer of the Successors

And with the help of the Kindest Father of this era, The Remained-One by Allah's Grace



Salaam be upon the Rescuer of the distressed,

And upon him, for whom the land of Khoraasaan became Khoraasaan.


Salaam be upon the Light of Fatimah's eye,

the Lady of the women of the worlds.


Salaam be upon the Razawi joyfulness, and the moral principles Allah is pleased with,

And upon the sprung branches of the Ahmadi Tree.


Imam Jawaad (PBUH)

(Behaar al Anwaar, 53/102)

We, in this site, have always tried to lay stress upon the vital Allah-Bestowed status and position of the Successors after the Prophets (PBUT), who have been the Allah-Chosen protectors and guardians of, and Guides to the Prophets' path, to the Strait Path of Allah. On the celestial occasion of the joyful birth anniversary of the eighth Wasi (Successor) of the Last Prophet of Allah, Imam Ali son of Moosa a-Rreda -Reza- (PBUT), we wish to present you one of his everlasting sayings that has been given the title "Naader-Jaame'' which means a rare and comprehensive saying, for, it is somewhat rare for one single saying being so comprehensive, covering all principle aspects of the Faith.


Pigeons of his Sacred Haram, may we be;

seeds from his Knowledge, may we pick.


Abd al-Aziz ibn Moslem said: We were with Imam Reza (PBUH) in Marv. Upon our arrival, on Friday we gathered in the Jaame' Mosque. They (those present) were discussing the subject of Imamate, and were recounting the differences (of people’s opinions) about It. I then went to my master and lord (Imam Reza (PBUH)) and informed him of their discussion. He smiled and said:


O' Abd al-Aziz these people have been ignorant and have been deceived by their opinions. Verily Allah-Honored and Glorified- did not take the soul of his Prophet (PBUH&HP) until He completed the Religion for him and sent Qur’an to him, in which there is the Tebyaan (Clarification, …) of all things, and in It He has perfectly clarified Halaal (Religiously Lawful), Haraam (Unlawful), Hodood (Limits and Penances) and Ahkaam (Laws) and all the things people need. (Allah) the -Honored and Glorified- has said: "We have not neglected anything in the Book" (Qur’an 6:36). And in Hajat-ol-Wedaa' (the Farewell Hajj),which was at the end of his(the Prophet's (PBUH&HP)) life, He revealed: "Today, I have perfected your religion for you, and completed My Favour upon you, and have become pleased with, and chosen Islam as Religion for you." (Qur’an 5:3); And the matter of Imamate is from the completeness of the Religion. He (the Prophet (PBUH&HP)) did not leave until he clarified the Ma’aalem (the Signs and Emblems, plural of ‘Alam) of their Religion for his Ommat (Nation), and elucidated for them their Path; and he left them in the seeking of the Path of the Truth, and installed Ali (PBUH) as ‘Alam and (Infallible) Imam for them. He left out nothing of which the Ommat have needed, unless he has clarified it. So any one who thinks Allah-Honored and Glorified- has not perfected His Religion, has rejected Allah's Book and whosoever has rejected Allah's Book, has been a disbeliever to It.


Do they comprehend the magnitude and value of Imamate (Allah Ordained Leadership of twelve Infallible Imams) and its position among the Ommat, so that their choosing may be allowed?! Verily the magnitude of (Infallible) Imamate is greater, and Its status is grander, and Its place is more exalted, and Its Jaaneb (position, …) is loftier, and Its depth is further than people can reach with their Aql (wisdom, intellect, …), or approach It with their opinions, or install an imam of their choice. Verily Allah-Honored and Glorified- installed Ibrahim al-Khalil (Abraham) as Imam (Divinely Chosen Leader), after (the positions of) Prophethood and (His) Friendship, as the third (higher) rank and as a virtue that honored him with, and elevated his remembrance with; and said: "Verily, I appoint you an Imam for mankind" (Qur’an 2:124). and Ibrahim al-Khalil, out of joy said: "and from my offspring?" Allah -Revered and Supreme-said: "My Covenant does not reach the oppressors (polytheists, wrongdoers, …)". So this verse has nullified the imamate of all the oppressors up to the Resurrection Day and allocated it for Selected Ones. Then Allah -Supreme be He- honored him with placing It (Imamate) in his offspring, those of whom Selected and Pure, and said: "And We bestowed him Es-haaq (Isaac) and in addition Ya’qoob (Jacob); and all of them we made righteous. And appointed them to be Imams guiding by Our Command, and We revealed to them the doing of good deeds, and to perform the prayer, and to pay Zakaat, and Us they served." (Qur’an 21:72, 73). It (Imamate) did not leave his offspring, century after century they inherited It, some from other, up to when Allah -Supreme be He- gave It as an inheritance to the Prophet (PBUH&HP). And (Allah) the -Glorified and Supreme- said: "Surely the most deserving to be attached to Ibrahim have been those who have followed him and this Prophet (Mohammad (PBUH&HP)), and those who have believed; and Allah is the Wali (Lord and Master) of the believers." (Qur’an 3:68).


And It (Imamate) was specially for him (Mohammad (PBUH&HP)); then by the command of Allah-supreme be He - and according to the rite made obligatory by Allah, he placed It on Ali’s (PBUH) shoulder; then It (Imamate) was transferred in his Selected offspring upon whom Allah has bestowed Knowledge and Faith, according to His Word: "And those upon whom are bestowed Knowledge and Faith will say: Surely you have remained according to Allah's Book till the Day Of Resurrection" (Qur’an 30:56) ; and It(imamate) will be in Ali's sons (PBUT) until the Day Of Resurrection, for, there is no Prophet after Mohammad (PBUH&HP).


Then, how have these ignorant people been choosing (imams for themselves)?!!!


Verily Imamate is the status of the Prophets and It is the heritage of Awsiya (Allah Chosen Successors); verily Imamate is, being the Khalifah of Allah and being the Khalifah of the Rasool (Messenger/Apostle) of Allah, and It is the position of Amir al-Mo'menin (PBUT), and the heritage of Hasan and Hosain (PBUT). Verily Imamate is the rein of the Religion, and the order of Muslims; and It is for the world’s good, and the might and glory of the Believers. Verily Imamate is the growing root of Islam and its high branch; the completion of Salaat (defined Prayers), Zakaat (financial obligations), Siyaam (defined Fasting), Hajj (special Pilgrimage), Jihad (Holy War), and the increasing of Fay' (certain possessions) and Sadaqaat (alms, …). And the execution of Hodood (Limits and Penances) and Ahkaam (Laws), and the protection of borders and surroundings are through (the Allah Chosen) Imamate. The (Infallible) Imam makes Allah's Halaal, Halaal, and makes Allah's Haraam, Haraam; and he carries out Allah's Hodood (Penances), and protects Allah's Religion, and calls to his Lord's Path with Wisdom and fair exhortations and convincing and conclusive reasoning …


To be continued …