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The real ‘Eesa -Jesus- (PBUH), or a figment of imagination called jesus?!



Safwaan son of Yahya, one of Saaberi’s companions, has narrated that Aboo-Qarah, a companion of Jaathaliq [christian leader, wanted him to take him to Imam Red(z)a (PBUH). He said that he requested permission from Imam Reda (PBUH), and the Imam said to bring him to his majlis [sitting].


When Aboo-Qarah entered Imam Reda’s (PBUH) majlis, he kissed the rug on which the Imam was sitting, and said: This is how it is upon us to do to the nobles of our time. [1]


Then Aboo-Qarah said to the Imam (PBUH): May Allah bless you ; what do you say about a group claiming something, and another group, introduced as being just, testifying for them? The Imam (PBUH) replied: They have the right to claim.


He next asked: What about the other group, if claiming a matter but finding no witness, except amongst themselves? Imam (PBUH) replied: Their claim is not valid.


He [Aboo-Qarah] then said: Surely we [christians] claim that jesus is the rawhollah and his word, cast in her [Maryam], and Muslims agree with us in this, while Muslims claim that Mohammad is a Prophet and we do not follow them on this claim; and surely that which we are in consensus is superior to that which we are in disagreement. [2]


At this point Imam Reda (PBUH) asked: What is your name ? He answered: I’m Yoohanna.


Imam (PBUH) said: O’ Yoohanna! Surely we believe in ‘Eesa [Jesus] son of Maryam, the Rawhollah [spirit of Allah, due to an Allah-Created spirit bestowed on ‘Eesa -PBUH-] and His Kalemah, who had believed in Prophet Mohammad (PBUH and HP), and had given Glad Tidings about him, and had confessed himself that he was indeed Allah’s Marboob ‘Abd [a created being, serving his Lord Allah]; and if your ‘eesa, rawhollah and his word, was not he who believed in Mohammad (PBUH and HP) and had not given Glad Tidings about him, and had not confessed himself his servantship, and the Lordship of Allah, the Undefeatable and the Awe-inspiring, then we distance ourselves from and strongly detest him [Baree’]; so in what, are we in consensus?! [3]


Aboo-Qarah stood up and told Safwaan son of yahya: get up! Certainly this majlis has not satisfied our need and has not proven beneficial for us.


Documents: (‘Oyoon al-Akhbaar al-Reda (PBUH), volume 2, p557; Behaar al Anwaar, v2, p327; …)





[1] At first, it appeared that the man humbly kissed the rug as a gesture of respect to Imam Reda (PBUH), but later it became obvious that his so called show of respect and humbleness was merely that, an empty show, and not really due to his realization of the Allah-Bestowed position of Imam Reda (PBUH); as observed later, as soon as he did not receive the answer he was after, he left and presented neither respect nor humility before the opinion of the Hojjat (Proof) of Allah, Imam Reda (PBUH).


[2] The man tried to present a logical case stating that both Christians and Muslims believe in ‘Eesa -Jesus-, but only Muslims believe in Mohammad (PBUT), thus trying to establish that he whom they both believe in is the rightful one. It is amazing how some people with the magic of words try to confuse and thus misguide others, but obviously this man had not realized who he was talking to!


[3] The Imam (PBUH) pointed to a very significant issue, an issue which today’s society is very much involved with. Many times people imagine and build their own gods and … in their minds; i.e. they create imaginary idols and believe in them; disregarding the vital fact that there is only one God, the Almighty Creator Allah, and that He and His Prophets (PBUT) are as they truly have been, and not as imagined by people; we cordially invite you to read the articles: “O’ God!” and “Finding God” in this site:



O’ the One and Only Allah! We implore You in the names of they who the real ‘Eesa (PBUH) has loved the most among Your creations, Mohammad and his AhlulBayt (PBUT), to hasten the Appearance of the Ever-Anticipated last Remainder of that very same AhlulBayt, he whom ‘Eesa will follow his lead and assist him in his global task, Imam Mahdi (PBUT) … .