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Pigeons of his sacred Shrine

Part 2


In another ever-glorious anniversary of Ghadir, once again we are reminded of a very special choosing by Allah, the choosing of the Successors of the very last Prophet and Rasool of Allah, the Awsiya who by the exclusive Grace of Allah, have possessed the Knowledge and Hekmat of all previous Prophets of Allah in their Allah-Expanded chests, those, most loving and benevolent to humankind after Rasool of Allah, those whose hearts have only beaten for the Pleasedness of their Lord, the one and only Allah, …. Let us continue reading together the words of one of those chosen ones, Imam Reda (PBUH), in regard to the sublime reality of the twelve Infallible Imams (PBUT); on the one hand, we are thankful to Allah (SWT)for Enshaa’Allah being blessed with their love and obedience, and on the other hand, we are sorrowful for the heart breaking fact that many have not really realized their Allah-Bestowed position, and that the last of them is still in Occultation partly perhaps because you and we too have not truly realized their status!



(Each one of the twelve Ma’soom Allah-Chosen) Imam is like the rising sun that brightens the world with its light while it is at the horizon in a way that no hand and no eye can touch it. Imam is the shining full moon, the luminous lamp, the glowing light and the guiding star in intensity of darkness in pathways between towns and in deserts and in turbulences of the seas. Imam is the pure water at time of thirst; the leader toward guidance and the savior from perdition. Imam is a fire upon a hill and he is who warms whoever takes refuge with him; he is the guide in dangerous places. Whoever separates from him will perish. Imam is the raining cloud, the bounteous and continuous rain, the bright sun, the protecting cover, and the expanded land. (He is like) a spring full of water, a lake and a garden.


Imam is the intimate friend, the kind father, the equal brother, (like the) benevolent mother to her little child. (He is) the shelter and refuge of the servants of Allah in intensity of afflictions. Imam is the Allah's trustee among His creations, His proof upon His servants and His Khalifah in His lands. (Imam is) the inviter toward Allah and the defender of what is honored by Him. Imam is purified from sins and far from faults. (He is) specifically chosen for knowledge; well-known for (his) patience and forbearance (Helm). He is the order of the Religion and the glory of Muslims. He is (the reason for) the anger of hypocrites and the perishment of disbelievers.


Imam is the UNIQUE-ONE OF HIS TIME, no one approaches his level and no learned man equals to him; there is no substitute for him; and no one is like unto him and no one matches him. He possesses all virtues without seeking and acquiring them, rather it is a privilege (bestowed) by the Bounteous Bestower of virtues.


So, who is he that can (even) approach the recognition of Imam, or be able to choose him?!!!


Never, ever! intellects have deviated, intelligences have wandered, understandings have wondered, eyes have been closed by misery and lowness, great ones have become humiliated, sages have become perplexed, thinkers have fallen short (of comprehension), orators have got stuck, wise men have fallen into ignorance, poets have lost the ability to compose, literary persons have become impotent and eloquent people have become unable to describe (truly) one status and dignity of his dignities or one virtue of his virtues, and have confessed to their shortcomings and impotence.


How can he be described completely, or his depth be expressed, or something of his Matter (Amr) be perceived? Or how can any one uphold his position? And how can any one need not his affluence?! No way! How and from where?! While he is like a star (far) from the hands of achievers and description of describers! Where is his position, and people's choosing? Where is his status, and intellects? (i.e. the two matters are so far apart) Where can a similar to him be found? Do they think It (Imamate) can be found anywhere other than in the progeny of the Rasool Mohammad (PBUH&HP)? Swear by Allah, they have lied to themselves and they have wished vainly. They have ascended to a difficult and stumbling height from which their feet have slipped and they have fallen into abyss. They have intended to install an imam with their defective, fatally confused intellects, and with their deviating opinions, but it has added nothing but farness. "May Allah kill them, how they have been deluded away from the Truth!" (Qur’an 63:4)


Certainly they have intended a difficult (thing) and told a(great) lie and strayed far away (from the Right Path) and fallen in the confusion while being aware; they have left Imam while being aware; and "Shaytaan has embellish for them their deeds and prevented them from the Right Path, even though (they thought) they were seekers of insight." (Qur’an 29:38). They have turned away from Allah's choice and Allah's Prophet's choice and his AhlolBayt, toward their (own) choosing, while Qur’an has called unto them " And your Lord creates whatever He wills and He chooses (the Choice remains only with Him) and they have not had the choice. Allah is Glorified (Sobhaan) and Exalted above that which they associate (partner with Allah)." (Qur’an 28:68).


Allah-Honored and Glorified- has said "It is not for any believer, man or woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decreed a matter, to have the choice in their decree" (Qur’an 33:36). And has said "What is the matter with you , how can you judge (like this)? Or is there a book for you in which you read that surely therein you shall have whatever you choose! Or is there for you, a conclusive and mature promise upon Us up to the Day of Resurrection (that) surely you shall have whatever you judge and decree! Ask them, which of them guarantee that! Or are there for them partners? So let them bring their partners, if they are Truthful!” (Qur’an 68:36-41).


Allah-Honored and Glorified- has said "Do they not ponder about Qur’an? Or are their hearts locked up?" (Qur’an 47:24) Or has Allah sealed their hearts, so they do not perceive? Or "those who said, we heard whereas they are not hearing" (Qur’an 8:21). "Verily, the worst creatures in the Sight of Allah are those who are deaf and dumb (from hearing and telling the truth) and do not Use their reason and intellect; If Allah had found in them any good, He would have made them Hear; and if He had made them hear, surely they would have turned away, swerving aside (while protesting against the Truth)" (Qur’an 8:22, 23). Or "they said, we heard and disobeyed" (Qur’an 2:93); but It (Imamate) "is the bounty (Fazl) of Allah; He gives it to whom He will and Allah is of bounty abounding" (Qur’an 62:4).


So how can they have the right to choose the imam while (Immaculate, Infallible and Allah- Chosen) Imam is the (Divinely blessed) sage in whom there is (absolutely) no ignorance. He is a shepherd who is never debilitated and does not back out fearfully; he is the source of sanctity, purity, obedience, piety, knowledge, worship and devotion; he is specified by the Rasool's calling and praying; he is the pure descendant of Batool (Hadrat Fatemah (PBUH)); in his ancestry, there exists no fault or blame which one can point to, and no noble in progeny (bayt) can ever approach him; he is from Qoraysh and of children of Haashem, from the Etrat of the Rasool whom Allah-Honored and Glorified- is pleased with; he is the honor of the honored and from Abd Manaaf; his knowledge is increasing(by Allah) and his patience and forbearance (Helm) is perfect; he is powerful in Imamate and knowledgeful in management of affairs; his obedience is obligatory; he is the upholder and riser (Qaa’em) by the command of Allah, benevolent for Allah's servants and guardian of Allah's Religion.


Verily Allah has blessed the Prophets and Imams, and from the Treasure (Makhzoon) of His Knowledge and Hekmat (Wisdom …) has given them something that is not given to any one but them; so their Knowledge is above the knowledge of the people of the time: in His Word -Supreme be He- " Is then the one who guides to the Truth more worthy to be followed or he who himself does not guide unless he is guided? Then what is the matter with you? How do you judge?" (Qur’an 10:35); and His Word -Blessed and Supreme-: " Indeed he who has been granted Hekmat, has been granted abundant blessing" (Qur’an 2:269); and His Word about Taaloot: " Verily, Allah has chosen him in preference to you and has increased him abundantly in knowledge and physique (Physical strength; and Allah grants His Kingdom to whomever He wills and Allah is Waase' (Amplegiving, All-Encompassing, …) and All-Knowing." (Qur’an 2:247); and to His Prophet(PBUH&HP), He has said: "Allah has sent down to you the Book and the Divine Wisdom(Hekmat) and has taught you what you did not know; and Allah's Exclusive Favour (Fazl) on you is highly great." (Qur’an 4:113).


And He has said in regard to (the twelve Infallible) Imams of His Prophet (PBUH&HP)'s AhlolBayt and his Etrat and his offspring: "Or are they jealous of the People for the abundant Grace (Fazl) that Allah has bestowed upon them? Surely We bestowed upon the progeny of Ibrahim the Book and the Wisdom (Hekmat) and We gave them a mighty kingdom. Some of them believed in that and some of them have prevented from that, and sufficient (for the disbelievers) is the Blazing Fire of Hell" (Qur’an 4:54, 55).


Verily when Allah-Honored and Glorified- has chosen a servant for the Amr (matter …) of His servants, he has expanded his chest for it and has entrusted in his heart the springs of Divine Wisdom (Hekmat), and has revealed Knowledge to him, a (special) revelation, so after that he would not be disabled in answering and would not be confused in it from the Right (Path).

Therefore he is Immaculate and Infallible (Ma'soom), assisted (Mo’ayyad), blessed (Mowaffaq) and firmed (Mosaddad), and made without fault (by Allah); he is secure from mistakes, faults and slips; Allah has specifically set him to be His proof upon His servants and His witness on His creations and " that is the bounty (Fazl) of Allah; He gives it to whom He will and Allah is of bounty abounding" (Qur’an 62:4).


Are they able to do such a thing so that they may choose him (Imam), or does their chosen one have such attributes that they have pushed him forward (in leadership)? Swore by the Allah's Ka'bah that they have violated the Truth and have thrown "Allah's Book to their back, as if they do not know" (Qur’an 2:101), while guiding and healing are in Allah's Book. They have thrown It (away) and have followed their own desires so Allah has reproached them, become hostile to them and destroyed them. (Allah) -Glorified and Supreme- said: "And who is more astray than the one who other than a guidance by Allah, follows his own vain desires? Verily, Allah does not guide the oppressor people." (Qur’an 28:50); and has said: " for them will be destruction and their deeds will fall in vain " (Qur’an 47:8); and has said: " they will greatly raise the Wrath Of Allah and the detest of the believers; Thus does Allah seal up the hearts of the arrogant oppressors " (Qur’an 40:35).


And Allah has blessed the Prophet Mohammad and his progeny and has Salaamed, a (special) Salaam, aboundingly.


Sources: Al-Kaafi VI, P198, the Baab Al-Naader wa Al-Jaame' in Imam's virtues and attributes; …


At the end it must be mentioned that what has been presented here is merely a weak attempt to translate the sublime words of Allah's Proof (Hojjat), and we highly suggest our friends to read these and related bright words in Arabic while seeking spiritual guidance for comprehension from the AhlulBayt, specially the Imam of our era (PBUT). May the Beneficent Allah bestow upon us His special favor and grant the permission of emergence to our beloved Imam of our age, the Unique One of this time, Hadrat Mahdi (PBUH), so that our broken hearts and confused intellects may find peace and comfort. O the most Compassionate and Merciful Allah! Let his Advent occur soon.