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About us

We wish to emphasize on this point that God has not left us to ourselves. By god's command, today the last successor of the final holy Prophet is alive and like the kindest father, he is with us and aware of our happy and sad moments.

With the Articles and books presented in this site, we are trying to introduce the Divine Saviour so that we may all establish a warm spiritual relationship with him.

In the section Points to ponder our goal is to indicate and define key points which may have been misunderstood or not explained clearly; this section is actually a Shi'ah Islamic dictionary.

Any questions and comments that you may have, we will be more than happy to hear from you in the Question and Answer section .

And through weekly heart-warming Friday and Occasion messages we hope to reach out and touch our friends in their busy lives and we wish that all of us may take at least a few moments every Friday to think about God and his loving way and therefore feel refreshed and ready to plan our are cordially invited to subscribe to receive these messages.

Variety of other sections such as Special Occasions -a gallery of Islamic calender- , Debates, The heavenly melody of Adhaan and many more are at your reach. We are proud to have you on our journey to heavens.